Mario Cachao accepted the new post of outreach officer at the last INA conference and has started work on a new initiatitive to develop a set of short videos for a broader audience.

Here is the first product a general video on nannofossils and the INA - comments very welcome (this is draft one)!


Scientific research and professional activities related to calcareous nannofossils/nannoplankton and/or coccolithophores need to be (better) promoted.


To prepare a promotional video that may better disclose to the general public and other scientific colleagues the nanno work and the kind of tasks nanno-workers do. For that we ask for contributions of short video clips on several aspects of our daily routine(s).


The goal is to have this video prepared to be presented at the next INA Conference to be held at Bohol, Philippines (http://www.ina15.upd.edu.ph/) March 7-16, 2015. For that we need your video clips contributions to be sent to me (mcachao@fc.ul.pt) (by email, WeTransfer or other digital means) by the end of December 2014. But please don't wait that much. The sooner the better since there are several tasks that need to be performed upon them before being part of the final video.

Type of video clips

Made from your smartphone is good enough. Other type of older videos (if digitalized) may also be used. Photos are also useful although videos are preferred. Better several (1-5 min) small clips than single large (> 10 min) ones. There's no need for professional quality although the final promotional video will be made by professionals.


The general idea is to show the several steps and types of work we perform and examples of results and scientific implications and importance of the work we all do. Video clips could be coded into several categories reflecting the specific task(s) that is being shown.

Task 1. Sample acquisition for nannos:
Task 2. Laboratorial procedures

Task 3.

Task 4.

Please provide your name and institution/company name and logos to be be added as joint authors/producers of the promotional video. Suggestions/comments/additional tasks/items to this "script" are quite welcome. Please feel free to forward this idea to everyone that may help us achieve this common enterprise.

Best regards, Mario INA outreach Dept.
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