The Archive of Nannofossil Key Samples (ThANKS) Project
Application to serve as a ThANKS Center

To assist the teaching of nannofossil taxonomy and to promote standardisation of taxonomic concepts, The International Nannoplankton Association (INA) aims to establish a network of replicate slide collections. To facilitate this a committee has been established to organise selection of samples, these will then be sent to the University of Parma for preparation of duplicate slide sets. We now seek applications from repositories that can safely maintain and provide access to these archives of key calcareous nannofossil samples. Our objective is establish collections in 10 different laboratories worldwide.

ThANKS Center requirements:

Application Form

If you would like to host a ThANKS collection set then please do let us know. You can either fill in the application form below, or send us the answers in an email or as an attachment. Please also feel free to send photos of your facilities if you think it is relevant - these can be sent as an email attachment. Please send emails to Denise Kulhanek



Institution (full title and address of your department/work group)

1. Is your position permanent?

If no please explain your status, and how your institute is supporting this application. :

2. If you were to leave your position, is there another person at your organization who could take over the collection? If so, please list this person as a co-applicant here (include their position and email address).

3. Why would your institution be a good location for a ThANKS Center?

4. Briefly describe the facilities you have available to curate and store the collection (expected to include slide cabinet or locker, reference books and publications, internet connection).

5. Briefly explain the microscopy and other facilities available at your organization and how they could be accessed by ThANKS visitors.

6. Do you currently have funds available for the required annual payment to the INA Treasurer?

If no, briefly explain how you would obtain these funds.

Please note that the collection will remain the property of INA. In the event that a ThANKS Center can no longer commit to the requirements stated above, the collection should be returned to INA and will be relocated to another repository.