Hall of Fame (a list of past committee members)

The INA has been fortunate in finding a succession of volunteers to support it. Broadly it may be noted that there were rather few changes for the first ten years of our existence, then in 1990 almost all posts changed hands. In 2002 we finally adopted a formal constitution/set of Bylaws (a sensible move even though we had survived OK without them for almost 25 years). This changed various posts. N.B. The 1977 start date for posts is based on the date of founding of the Association, however, the first Newsletter came out in 1979 and serious responsibilities began then.

Alternative version - photos of the people



Membership Secretary
Director of the INA Foundation
Newsletter/Journal Editor
NannoNews Editor
Technical Editor.
Deputy editors
Editorial board members/associate editors
Social Media Officer
Public Outreach Officers
Conference Liaison Officer
Summer School Organiser
Council members at large
Silicoflagellate Bibliographer
American Treasurer
ODP Correspondent
Special Publications editor
Website editor
Past Presidents/benevolent guardians
Email Mailing List Organiser
Conference convenor