Honorary Membership

Honorary Membership of the International Nannoplankton Association is granted to senior members who have made outstanding contributions to the study of calcareous nannoplankton and to the society. As nannoplankton specialists, and as a society, we are endebted to them, and proud to mark our appreciation.

They are listed here in stratigraphic sequence - i.e. with the most recently honoured first.


Professor Woody Wise

  • INA President 2000-2004
  • Author of numerous papers on nannofossils notably on Late Cretaceous nannofossils, nannofossils from the Southern Ocean and nannofossil diagenesis.
  • Described ca 90 nannofossil taxa
  • Supervisor of numerous PhD and masters students and host to many visiting scientists during 47 years of teaching at Florida State University, Tallahassee.
  • Editor of NannoWare CD-ROM (pre-cursor to Nannotax and source of significant revenue donated to INA)

Dr. Shirley van Heck

  • INA President 1993-2000
  • Editor of the INA Newsletter 1977-1989; Co-founder of the INA; INA Bibliographer 1977-1982; co-convenor of the second INA conference (London 1987);
  • Highly respected industrial biostratigrapher and mentor of numerous young industrial biostratigraphers.
  • Expert on nomenclatural taxonomy who played a key role in regularising taxonomic usage in nannofossil palaeontology.

Professor Katharina von Salis

(also known as Katharina Perch-Nielsen)
  • INA President 1977-1993
  • Driving force behind foundation of INA; convenor of the first INA conference (Vienna 1985);
  • Author of numerous research papers on nannofossil biostratigraphy and taxonomy, notably on the K/Pg extinction of nannofossils.
  • Author of the seminal reviews of nannofossils and silicoflagellates in the book Bolli, Saunders & Perch-Nielsen (1985) Plankton Stratigraphy.
  • Described ca 185 nannofossil taxa
  • Co-supervisor of many research students at ETH-Zurich and mentor of numerous others from across the world.