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The International Nannoplankton Association was established in 1977 in order to enhance communication between the widely scattered academic and industrial scientists working on calcareous nannofossils and living coccolithophores. From 2010 the INA has been affiliated with The Micropalaeontological Society. We collaborate on web-hosting and newsletter production and support each others meetings where relevant.

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Membership is open to any interested individuals, or libraries. Currently there are about 250 members worldwide. These include algologists, biostratigraphers, geologists, micropalaeontologists and oceanographers, in both universities and industry. Membership costs $50 per year, and 25 for student and retired members. See separate page for payment details.


The INA organizes conferences approximately every two years. The next meeting will be held in Sao Paolo, Brazil in 2019 - convenor Felipe Toledo.

Previous conferences have been held in Vienna (1985), London (1987), Florence (1989), Prague (1991), Salamanca (1993) Copenhagen (1995), Puerto Rico (1998) Bremen (2000), Parma (2002), Lisbon (2004), Lincoln, Nebraska (2006), Lyon (2008) and Yamagata (2010), Reston, Virginia (2013), Bohol, the Philippines (2015) and