Membership subscription information

INA Membership is open to all interested individuals, companies or libraries, and includes a subscription to the Journal of Nannoplankton Research, which is published approximately twice a year.


To inquire about your dues status, to submit a change of address, to become a new member, or for any other questions/problems with membership please contact the membership secretary
Dr. Karl-Heinz Baumann
Department of Geosciences
University of Bremen
GEO Building
Klagenfurter Str.
28359 Bremen
Tel. +49 421 218-65202
To order back issues or to send payments by bank transfer or cheque please contact the treasurer:
Matt Hampton
Network Stratigraphic Consultants
Harvest House,
Cranborne Road
Potters Bar
Herts, EN6 3JF
e-mail: mj.hampton@btconnect.com
Tel. +44 1707-661868

Membership Form

Please fill in this form when joining, or renewing membership, then pay using one of the options below.


Postal Address (for delivery of JNR)


New member or renewal?
Membership type
How many years are you paying for?

For student membership please state the type of degree (Eg BSc, Masters, PhD) you are studying for, the university and the likely end date.
For concessionary rate membership please explain why - e.g "I am retired" or "I am currently unwaged"

DUES/Membership Subscription Rates

Regular rateStudent/Concession rateInstitution rate
1 year$50$25$75
2 years$90$40$150
3 years$125$50$225
  1. Payments in other currencies - the online payment system allows payment in any currency.
  2. Rates - we have held subscription rates constant since 2004.
  3. Student rates - at INA11 in Lincoln we voted to reduce student rates, both because we know that students are seriously short of cash, and because we greatly value our student membership.
  4. Concession rates - the reduced rate is also applicable for retired members, unemployed post-docs, etc. (but do explain this in the membership form).
  5. Multi-year payment - paying for 2 or 3 years in advance makes things simpler for everyone, so there are discounted rates if you choose to do that.

Payment via Paypal

QRcode This button will take you to a paypal payment page. Please pay the appropriate rate, as given in the table above, and include a note stating what the payment is for e.g. INA 2 year student rate membership, for Jean Vincent
QRcode If you have a paypal account then you should be able to pay by using this QR code - point your phone at it and let it take you to payment options. Please make sure to include an explanation of what the payment is for - e.g. INA2 year student rate membership for Jean Vincent

Other ways to pay

The world is a large place and paypal does not seem to work easily everywhere. If you need to pay by another route, such as direct bank transfer, please contact the treasurer Matt Hampton (mj.hampton@btconnect.com)

Are your subs overdue?

To request an update on your current membership status simply fill in your name, country and email address below and press the submit button
(NB This is not really very hi-tech, and you won't get a reply until Kalle checks the database, so don't be surprised if there is a delay of a couple of days)

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Address Change?

If you have moved since you last received a JNR please remember to let us know, otherwise your next issue will end up at the old address. Just send an email to Karl-Heinz Baumann giving your new address


The button below allows you to make donations or miscellaneous payments to the INA, in any amount you specify. So that we know what the donation is for please write something using the "Special Instructions to Sender" option which will appear on the payment page, and/or email the treasurer directly.