Coccoliths List Server

The coccoliths listserver was set up by Helen Gillespie of Memorial University of Newfoundland in 1994. It is now run by Juan Pablo Perez Panera of CONICET, Argentina. It aims to provide a convenient email information system for INA members and other scientists working with living or fossil nannoplankton, especially the many nanno workers who find themselves working hundreds of miles from anyone who knows anything about the little beasts. It is not a very busy listserver, typically a few messages a week, but it is a friendly and very useful means of communication. Typical message subjects include:

There are over 100 subscribers, so this is an effective means of getting information to nanno workers, and we strongly encourage all INA members with email to subscribe. You won't be bombarded with junk and will receive, at least some, useful information.


The listserver maintains a searchable archive of messages. You can use this to find messages you half remember or check for previous correspondence on a topic.

Non- expert use?
Queries by non-experts on any nannoplankton issues are welcome, and will almost certainly be answered. However, owing to problems with junkmail it is now necessary to subscribe before you can send a message to the listserver.

The essential information

listserver Webmail server The webpage for subscribing, unsubscribing, changing password etc.
list address The address to send your messages once you are subscribed
list manager Juan Pablo Perez Panera -  the human you can contact if things get tricky (but remember he is an overworked scientist like the rest of us)


How it works
Like other email lists the principle is that the listserver maintains a list of subscribers. Any subscribers can send messages to the server and these are then transmitted to all subscribers.

To subscribe (join the list) or unsubscribe (leave the list)
Visit the webpage and follow instructions there. 

To send messages to the list
Once you have subscribed you can send messages to the list at the address <>, these messages will then be sent out to everyone.

What does it cost?

Replying to messages
You can either send replies to the author of the message alone or to everyone on the list. We are not too fussed on etiquette of which you do but if your reply is likely to be of general interest then do reply to the whole list. N.B. Reply to the list is the default setting so take a little care or you can end up sending your cheery personal greeting around the world.

In the event of problems
Contact the list manager, Juan Pablo Perez Panera