INA Workshop on Extant Coccolithophores research

Host organizations

University of Athens (UOA), Faculty of Geology & Geoenvironment
Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR Crete), Institute of Oceanography

Organizing Committee:

Assoc. Prof. Maria Triantaphyllou (UoA) *, Dr. Stella Psarra (HCMR), Dr. Jeremy R. Young (UCL) * mtriant@geol.uoa.gr

Sponsoring societies:
The International Nannoplankton Association
The Micropalaeontological Society

Dear “Coccolithophores 2014” participants!

We now have a provisional participants list of nearly 50 people for our Crete Workshop; it seems there are quite a lot of us interested in the subject! Really, it is a very pleasing response and we think it should make for a useful workshop.

Original invitation.

UPDATE - 19th JUNE 2014. We now have formally 50 registered participants and this is the maximum we can handle in the conference space are using. So, we are not able to accept any more participants. If you do think there are special reasons why the workshop would be especially valuable to you then you are welcome to contact us and ask to be put on a reserve list.

UPDATE - 9th SEPT 2014. The provisional schedule (PDF file) for the meeting is available now. Also the JNR special issue is now in press with eight papers and about 40 abstracts. Extra talks cannot be accepted but if you want to bring an extra poster just let us know.

UPDATE - 1st OCT 2014. The schedule is now finalised (until something changes) - and the excursion is to Spinalonga, which looks really beautiful. The abstract books are printed and on their way to Crete, Stella is busy finalising things at the Aquarium. Have a safe journey.

The fees are in two parts:
  1. Hotel accommodation in double rooms, breakfast and dinner, at the Astir Beach Hotel. The cost is 150 Euro per person, if sharing or 250 Euro per person, if you want a single room. Double rooms have twin beds so are suitable for sharing - if you have arranged with a colleague to share with them please let us know; otherwise we will attempt to make sensible allocations. This is a nice hotel and we have been able to get a very good price by booking out of season.
  2. Workshop registration which will include Ice breaker, light lunch, coffee/tea breaks twice per day and a closing Gala dinner; all events will take place at Cretaquarium. The cost is 120 euro per person, €150 for non-members of INA (you can join INA here).
    For accompanying people (your friend or family who like the idea to come with you to Crete but are not interested in nannoplankton) there is a reduced rate of €60 to include the icebreaker and dinner but not the lunches, it should be possible for them to pay on the day if they do want to join us for lunch.
    Payment to be made via this page on the INA Website by May 15th - see form below.
Following review of the comments and suggestions of participants we have decided that the workshop will be focused on the following four themes:
  1. Coccolithophore biocalcification and Ocean Acidification
  2. The paleontological agenda for extant coccolithophore research
  3. Coccolithophore phylogeny, species-concepts and molecular genetics
  4. Coccolithophore life-cycles, ecology and biogeography

For each topic we will arrange a review talk and also invite a small panel of experienced scientists to summarise progress and facilitate discussion on the final day of the workshop.

In addition a training session will take place including practical methods and training covering coccolithophore culturing and isolation, molecular genetics methods and morphometric approaches.

So, the basic schedule of the workshop will be along the following lines.

During the open scientific sessions we invite all participants to give at least a short presentation on their current work and their interests in extant coccolithophores. There will also be space for poster presentations. Informal discussions and sharing of experience should be a very valuable part of the workshop and will be facilitated by us staying in the same place, and by the small scale of the workshop.

Please send a provisional title of your presentation by May 15th, to help with planning.


We are planning two publications related to the meeting. First a special issue of the JNR to be produced in time for the meeting and second a thematic issue of Micropaleontology from presentations given at the meeting.

A. Journal of Nannoplankton Research (JNR) theme issue
This will include the workshop abstracts and short communications on modern coccolithophores


All participants who will give oral or poster presentations should send their abstracts or extended abstracts (including figures and references) for publication in the JNR theme issue. Abstracts should be sent by June 15th. Absttracts can include a single figure but should no be longer than one printed page of the JNR. They should be sent to Maria Triantaphylou.

Short communications on modern coccolithophores

Objective - most workers have numerous observations which are of interest but not easily suitable for publication in a full blown article in a high-ranking scientific journal. This is especially true in natural history fields such as coccolithophore research. The purpose of the special issue will be to get a suite of these observations published so as to enhance our knowledge of taxonomy, ecology and biogeography of coccolithophores. Types of article wanted - articles should be equivalent in length to 1 to 5 pages of the JNR and could include one or two plates. The format should be that of a regular article (see examples here), including references and short abstract. Introductory paragraphs on the nature of coccolithophores are not, however, needed. Suitable topics would include:

Timescale - the intention is that these papers will be published in a dedicated issue of the Journal of Nannoplankton Research before the meeting. To facilitate rapid publication manuscripts must be submitted by June 15th. Articles will be reviewed by an expert editorial committee. We hope you will take this opportunity to publish some of your observations on extant coccolithophores. If you have any queries please contact Jeremy. Format, bibiliographies etc. should follow the normal guidelines for the JNR. Send submitted mss to Jeremy Young.

B. Micropaleontology theme issue

The editorial team of Micropalaeontology has invited us to publish a thematic issue, of six to ten articles following the meeting and we believe this will be a valuable way to progress the field. Deadline for submissions and further details will be discussed during the meeting. If you are interested in contributing to this issue please contact Maria.

We are looking forward to see you all in Crete,

Maria, Stella, Jeremy
Summary of dates

UPDATE - 19th JUNE 2014. We have now received quite enough short papers (including a couple we have not received yet but are promised very shortly). So the call for these papers is now closed, and all promised papers really do need to be submitted by 30th June. For abstracts we will extend the deadline to 30th June, since we did not send out as many reminders as we might have done. Many thanks to the numerous people who did send in an abstracts on time.

Registration details - please use this: form closed
Registration payment - to be completed by May 15th
NB Payment is made via Paypal using the account of our partner The Micropalaeontological Society
If you have problems or need to pay another way please contact jeremy.young@ucl.ac.uk
Registration will be refundable until one month before the meeting
Registration does not include accommodation - paying this will be your responsibility, at departure.
Registration is closed, please do not pay unless you have registered announcment graphic