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- student presentation, eligible for award

25th Sept MONDAY

9:00 am – 9:30 am Prof. Fotini Pomoni-Papaioannou, Dr. Dimitrios Tsagkas, Dr. Spyridon Bellas, Prof. Maria Triantaphyllou, Dr. Jeremy YoungOPENING CEREMONY, welcome and annoucements
Session 1Chairs: Isabella Raffi and Eric de KaenelNannofossil biostratigraphy challenges, innovations & developments:
9:30 amAgnini, Raffi, Westerhold & RöhlThe role of calcareous nannofossils in age model construction: a further step towards high-precision chronologic frameworks
9:45 amAlqudah, Khoury, Salameh, MutterloseAn unconventional application of calcareous nannofossils - reconstructing the timing and the course of an Eocene meteorite impact in central Jordan
10:00 amde KaenelPleistocene calcareous nannofossil biochronology and biozonation
10.15 amEl Fiki, Tawfik, Ahmed & AfifiApplication of high-resolution biostratigraphy to differentiate and correlate reservoir units in Raven Field, Nile Delta, Egypt
10:30 amMorning Coffee Break
11:00 amYoung, Pratiwi & SuThe small Reticulofenestra event / R. pseudoumbilicus paracme revisited - new data from IODP Expedition 359
11:15 amJiang, Kuhanek, Watkins, Jordan & HoshinaLatest Early Cretaceous calcareous nannofossils from southern Tibet, China
11:30 amMalinverno, Bosio, Gariboldi, Gioncada, Di Celma, Villa, Urbina & BianucciIntergrated biostratigraphy and geochronology of sedimentary successions in the East Pisco Basin thatcrop out on the western side of the Ica River Valley(Ocucaje, Peru)
11:45 amMatias & GallemiDating paleontological collections that contain poorly documented specimens
12:00 pmSinghMicula prinsii: latest Maastrichtian marker, record from low latitude northeast India, Meghalaya.
12:15 pmHassanein, Giraud, Robert, Jaillard, Masrour, Aly & HammedIntergrated stratigraphy of the uppermost Barremian lower Albian in the Essaouira - Agadir Basin (western Morocco) and correlation with northern Tethyan basins
12:30 pmTriantaphyllouA review of Cenozoic calcareous nannofossil biostratigraphic studies in the Hellenic territory(Greece): achievements and limitations
Session 2Chairs: Luc Beaufort and Jeremy YoungCoccolithophore taxonomy and size variations
2:00 pmAubryA high rank taxonomic classification of the Cenozoic coccolithophores and their Mesozoic roots
2:15 pmBeaufort, Gally, Barbarin, Mazur & BoltonRegularity in the Quaternary variations of Noelarhabdaceae morphology
2.30 pmBottini & FaucherThe effect of mid Cretaceous paleoenvironmental changes on Biscutum constans size changes
2:45 pmKim, Bown & GibbsRecovery of plankton cell and coccolith size after the Cretaceous - Paleogene mass extinction (IODPExpedition 3442 Sites 1403 and 1407, North Atlantic)
3:00 pmMattioli, Gollain & BartoliniCalcareous nannoplankton in a changing paleoworld, a tale of size variations
3:15 pmMöller, Bornemann & MütterloseSize changes of calcareous nannofossils during the Weissert Event (Early Cretaceous)
3:30 pmPrista, Narciso & CachãoA new morphometric approach to coccolithmorphometry: reassessing Coccolithus pelagicus s.l. data from the Holocene
3:45 pmZhang, Liu, Jin, Zhou & BoltonMeasuring the sinking characters of coccolith a refinement of coccolith separation methods
4:00 pmAfternoon Coffee Break
4:30 pmVarol & BowmanTaxonomic revision of selected Tithonian species based on the examination from mobile mounting
4:45 pmHoweThe Ultrastructure of the Family Sphenolithaceae
Session 3Chairs: Emma Sheldon and Marie-Pierre AubryCalcareous nannofossils -indicators of paleoenvironmental,oceanographic and climatic changes:
5:00 pmDenne & KitaCalcareous nannofossils from the late Campanian Manson impact structure at the eastern edge of the Western Interior Seaway
5:15 pmHassanein, Giraud, Jaillard, Robert, Aly, Hammed & MasrourPaleoenvironmental conditions during the Aptian early Albian in the Essaouira - Agadir Basin, western Morocco.
5:30 pmPüttmann, Linnert, Dölling & MütterloseCalcareous nannofossils from Late Cretaceous (Cenomanian - Campanian) shallow-marine deposits in northwest Germany - a record for coastal dynamics
5:45 pmSheldon, Dybkjær & InesonTiming and paleoceanographic implications of the North Sea ‘base Cretaceous Unconformity’ event at its correlative conformity: a multi - disciplinary core study, North Jens-1 well, Danish Central Graben

26th Sept TUESDAY

Session 3Chairs: Elisabetta Erba and Mario CachaoCalcareous nannofossils -indicators of paleoenvironmental,oceanographic and climatic changes (continued)
8:45 amAthanasiou, Bouloubassi, Gogou, Klein, Dimiza, Parinos, Skampa & TriantaphyllouPaleoclimatic conditions during the “warm Pliocene”interval (~4.1–3.2 Ma) in the eastern Mediterranean (Cyprus): a combined alkenone and calcareous nannofossil study
9:00 amLupi, Bordiga, Sacchi & CobianchiMiddle Pleistocene Transition mechanisms and calcareous nannofossils at ODP Site 1209 (NW Pacific Ocean)
9:15 amMarquez, Peleo-Alampay & LiuLate Holocene events in the Sibuyan Sea, Philippines, based on calcareous nannofossils, granulometry, and sediment geochemistry
9:30 amMartínez-Sánchez, Flores, Sierro & Alonso-GarcíaProductivity and North Atlantic subpolar dynamics at orbital-to-millennial scales during middle Pleistocene Marine Isotope Stages 19–11
9:45 amSaavedra-Pellitero, Baumann, Lamy, Köhler & UllermannCoccolithophore productivity during MIS 11 in the Pacific sector of the Southern Ocean and its impact on the carbon cycle
10:00 amSagular, YavuzlarCalcareous nannofossils from the Manavgat Subbasin, SW Turkey, reveal the age of lower Pleistocene paleotsunami deposits that overlie a late Pliocene erosional surface
10:15 amKulhanek, Castro, Lakin, Morelos, Prebble, Bostock & CorteseEarly Holocene calcareous nannofossil assemblages as indicators of past sea surface temperature and nutrient conditions in the New Zealand region
10:30 amMorning Coffee Break
11:00 amBelhajtahar, Mattioli, Soussi & ChaabaneCalcareous nannofossil assemblages across the Paleocene-Eocene transition in the Kharouba section,northern Tunisia
11:15 amChakraborty, Bown, Ghosh & YoungCalcareous nannofossils from the Miocene of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India: biostratigraphicand paleoecological perspectives
11:30 amChira, AroldiOligocene - lower Miocene calcareous nannofossilsand sedimentology of the Transcarpathian Basin in Romania
11:45 amGalovićCoccolithophores and environmental changes during mid-Miocene major events - responses and records atthe marginal Paratethys
12:00 pmNyerges, Kocsis & PálfyChanges in calcareous nannoplankton assemblages across the Eocene - Oligocene transition in the Hungarian Paleogene Basin (Central Paratethys)
12:15 pmRaffi, Liebrand, Fraguas, Hilgen, Wilson, Batenburg, Beddow, Crocker, Huck, Lourens, Bohaty & SabiaRecurrent Braarudosphaera acmes in the mid-Oligocene subtropical South Atlantic Ocean linked to astronomical forcing of the hydrological cycle
12:30 pmChin & WatkinsInvestigating the late Campanian - Maastrichtiancooling trend using clumped isotopes on the coccolithfraction of sediments from the Boreal Chalk Sea and Shatsky Rise
Session 4Chairs: Jeremy Young and Kyoko HaginoCoccolithophore phylogeny, species-concepts and molecular genetics
2:00 pmAubryThe haploid coccolithophore
2:15 pmBendif, Laurent, Probert, von Dassow, Cros, Young, Jeanthon, Garczareck & de Vargas Microdiversity of cosmopolitan coccolithophores through an oligotrophic gradient in the Mediterranean Sea
2:30 pmBendif, Probert, Young & de VargasPuzzling speciation and adaptive patterns in the Gephyrocapsa complex
2:45 pmCappelli, Agnini, Bown & YamamotoMiddle Eocene evolutionary lineages from the North Atlantic Ocean, IODP Site U1410: biostratigraphicand paleoecological constraints
3:00 pmGhosh, Chakraborty, Bown & YoungEarly Zanclean nannofossils from Car Nicobar Island,northern Indian Ocean, with remarks on the evolutionary significance of the genus Ceratolithus
3:15 pmHagino, Bendif, Probert & YoungMolecular phylogenetic position of Reticulofenestra sessilis
3:30 pmJin, Liu & ZhangGephyrocapsa physiology over the past 400 ka
3:45 pm – 5:30 pmAfternoon Coffee Break | Poster Authors in attendance


Session 5Chairs: Simonetta Monechi and Maria TriantaphyllouCoccolithophore ecology - insights from seasonality and biogeography
8:45 amSkampa, Triantaphyllou, Dimiza, Malinverno, Archontikis, Parinos, Stavrakakis & Gogou Coccolithophore export fluxes in the NE Mediterranean as revealed from different sediment trap records
9:00 amArchontikis, Dimiza, Malinverno & TriantaphyllouCoccolithophore biogeography in the eastern Mediterranean: surface sediment evidence
9:15 amFonseca & CachãoThe Cretaceous paleobiogeography of Braarudosphaera bigelowii
9:30 amGalovićCoccolithophore ecology - insights from seasonality and biogeography on local and global scales
9:45 amKaratsolis, Triantaphyllou, Dimiza, Malinverno, Archontikis & PsarraTracing NE Aegean water masses using phytoplankton (coccolithophore and silicoflaggelate) assemblages
10:00 amMeier & KinkelSeasonal succession of coccolithophores during a long-term monitoring in the Kiel Fjord (SW Baltic Sea)
10:15 amÁlvarez, Álvarez, Francés, Diz, Grimalt & CasadoRapid dynamics changes in NE Atlantic transitional surface waters during the last 57 ka
10:30 amMorning Coffee Break
11:00 amPatil, Mohan, Gazi, Shetye & JafarIs Emiliania huxleyi expanding its presence in polar waters? Evidences from multiyear observations
11:15 amRigual-Hernández, Wilks, Trull, Sierro, Fuertes, Bray, Armand & FloresCoccolithophore and diatom distribution across the main pelagic zonal systems of the Southern Ocean
11:30 amTangunan, Baumann, Pätzold, Henrich, Kucera, De Pol-Holz & GroeneveldEvidence of tropical Pacific forcing in the western Indian Ocean coccolithophore productivity record
Session 6Chairs: Gerald Langer and Luc BeaufortUnderstanding coccolithophore biocalcification:
11:45 pmBalestieri, Ziveri, Mortyn, Fornaciari & AgniniCoccolith carbonate export dynamics at ODP Site 1089 (Southern Ocean) during the last deglaciation
12:00 pmFaucher & ErbaA look into coccolith sizes and shapes: the morphological responses of coccolithophore algae calcification to trace metal concentrations
12:15 pmGal, Faivre & ScheffelThe roles of coccolith organic components in calcite crystallization
12:30 pm – 2:00 pmLUNCH
Session 6Chairs: Gerald Langer and Luc BeaufortUnderstanding coccolithophore biocalcification:
2:00 pmIntxaukspe-Zubiaurre, Flores & PayrosDissolution and calcification patterns in calcareous nannofossils during the middle Eocene C21r-H6 hyperthermal event (~47.4 Ma) at the Gorrondatxe section (Bay of Biscay, western Pyrenees)
2:15 pmLanger, Probert, Brownlee, Walker & WheelerThe silicon requirement of coccolithophore calcification:
2:30 pmSu, Liu & BeaufortChanges in coccolith weight in the northern South China Sea and their environmental controls
2:45 pmSuchéras-Marx, Marfil & BeaufortPelagic carbonate production across the Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary
3:00 pmWalker, Taylor, Langer, Tyrrell, Brownlee & WheelerInvestigating the role of calcification in Coccolithophores
3:15 pmPerrin, Probert, Langer, Beaufort & AloisiCombining physiological modeling at the cellular scale and in situ biogeochemical data to investigate the deep niche of Emiliania huxleyi in the South Pacific Gyre
3:30 pmAfternoon Coffee Break | Poster Authors in Attendance

28th Sept THURSDAY

WorkshopOrganizer: Emmanuela MattioliJurassic nannofossil biostratigraphy and paleoecology
8:45 amFerreira & MattioliNumerical tactics to disentangle Lower-Middle Jurassic nannoplankton biogeographic relationships
9:00 amFraguas, Comas-Rengifo, Gómez & GoyWarming-driven nannofossil crisis in the early Toarcian of northern Spain
9:15 amMenini, Mattioli, Suan & PittetThe Pliensbachian-Toarcian boundary event (Early Jurassic): New paleoenvironmental interpretations based on calcareous nannofossils data
9:30 amStoykova, Grabowski & LakovaTithonian - early Berriasian calcareous nannofossil events in Barlya, Bulgaria, and Lókút, Hungary: calibration with magnetostratigraphy and calpionellid biostratigraphy
9:45 amThibault & PetiAbundance and size changes in Schizosphaerella – relation to climatic and paleoenvironmental change across the Early Jurassic of the Paris Basin
10:00 amVisentin, Reolon, Faucher & ErbaCalcareous nannofossil biostratigraphy and paleoceanography across the Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event cored at Colle di Sogno (Lombardy Basin, northern Italy)
10:15 amDiscussion
10:30 amMorning Coffee Break
Session 7Chairs: Athena Economou-Amilli and Richard JordanEcosystem dynamics and applications:
11:00 pmChantzistrountsiou, Lamprinou, Gratsia, Evrigeni, Tzovenis & Economou-AmilliThe microalgae strain bank ATHU-AL at the University of Athens (NKUA)
11:15 pmKalaroni, Tsiaras, Petihakis, Economou-Amilli & TriantafyllouModeling Mediterranean pelagic phytoplankton
11:30 pmJordan & FujitaPhytoplankton biogeography in the western Pacific and Indian Ocean
11:45 pmMalinvernoExtant Stephanocha speculum from the Ross Sea: abundance, morphologies, and double skeletons
12:00 pmKermandji, Kermandji & TouhamiMiddle Devonian miospore assemblage biozones in Sahara synclines (Algeria): geological implication and evidence for stages boundaries
12:15 pmNomikouA seafloor observatory for the Kolumbo volcano: an informed modelling system
12:30 pmYoung & BownNannotax: progress and prospects
12:45 pm – 2:00 pmLUNCH
2:00 pm – 4:00 pmINA BUSINESS MEETING
Jeremy Young & INA Committee
  • Reports on INA activities and finances
  • Proposals for approval
  • Awards for best student presentations
  • Handover of Presidency
Rich Denne, Felipe ToledoInvitations to host INA17, followed by vote on this
Maria Triantaphyllou and incoming INA PresidentConference closing


Abe & JordanLate Eocene silicoflagellates from Oamaru, New Zealand
Albasrawi & WatkinsEarly Miocene quantitative calcareous nannofossil biostratigraphy from the tropical Atlantic
Alqudah, Hakimi, Abdullah, Hussein, Masri & MutterloseCalcareous nannofossil biostratigraphy of the Cenomanian - Turonian interval (Cretaceous) from Jordan
Al RawahiUpper Cretaceous calcareous nannofossil biostratigraphy and paleoceanography from Tethyan sediments of Oman
Álvarez, Gutiérrez-Ramírez, Gaviño-Rodríguez & Carbajal-PérezTheoretical hydrodynamic efficiency of coccoliths and coccolithophores
Álvarez, Vega-Corza, Bárcena & Quijano-ScheggiaEffect of dense shelf water cascading over planktic fluxes in the Gulf of Lions (NW Mediterranean)
Arapov, Skejić, Bužančić, Bakrač & NinčevićSeasonal distribution of coccolithophores in the open waters of the central Adriatic Sea
Athanasiou, Triantaphyllou, Dimiza, Gogou & TsiolakisLower-middle Miocene sapropelic layers (Nicosia, Cyprus) and paleoceanographic implications
Ausín, Flores, Zúñiga, Cavaleiro, Granda, Villacieros-Robineau, Alonso-Pérez, Froján, Arbones, Santos, Castro, Abrantes & EglintonSpatial and temporal variability in coccolithophore abundance and distribution in the NW Iberian Margin
Baumann, Donner, Köbrich & FischerCalcareous plankton fluxes in the upwelling area off NW Africa (Cape Blanc) - dynamics and trends from selected sediment trap series in the past 28 years
Baumann & VollmarCoccolithophore response to changes in surface water conditions in the North Atlantic (ODP Site 984) during Marine Isotope Stage 5
Bazzicalupo, Maiorano, Girone, Marino, Nebout-Combourieu & IncarbonaCoccolithophore behavior during short-term climate fluctuations over the last deglaciation: evidence from the Alboran Sea, western Mediterranean
Bottini, Erba & ArtoniCalcareous nannofossils at the Triassic-Jurassic boundary: stratigraphic and paleoceanographic characterizations
Callejo & FernandoCalcareous nannofossils from the proposed Kapurpurawan National Geological Monument, Ilocos Norte (northwestern Philippines)
Cappelli, Galeotti, Moretti, Lanci & MonechiThe evolution of fasciculiths in the Danian Bottaccione section (Italy): a glance at biotic and geochemical evolution
Castro & FernandoCalcareous nannofossil biostratigraphy of the late Oligocene to early Miocene Lubuagan Formation (western Cagayan Valley Basin), Kalinga Province, Philippines
Chira, Negru, Balog & BedeleanMiddle Miocene paleoenvironments in the Strei Basin (Romania): calcareous nannofossils, micro- and macrofauna, and sedimentology
Chiyonobu & SatoCretaceous calcareous nannofossil biostratigraphy off the coast of northeastern Honshu, Japan
Colmenero-Hidalgo, Ausín, Simón-Baile, Flores, Sierro & BárcenaDeglacial to Holocene oceanographic changes in the Gulf of Cádiz and the western Mediterranean as revealed by coccolithophores
Cros, Fortuño & EstradaCoccolithophore seasonality in the NW Mediterranean Sea
Cunha, Motta, Wanderley & PedrosaCretaceous calcareous nannofossils from the São Paulo Plateau (DSDP Leg 39, Site 356): biostratigraphy and paleoecological implications
Doyongan, Fernando & IODP Expedition 363 ScientistsCalcareous nannofossil biostratigraphy of the Oligocene-Miocene interval in IODP Expedition 363 Hole U1490A, northern Eauripik Rise, western Pacific
Ferrnando, Jones, Beaufort, Kulhanek & IODP Expedition 363 ScientistsStratigraphic distribution of a four-rayed symmetric discoaster in IODP 363 sites in the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean
Fernando, Magtoto, Fernandez & UyCalcareous nannofossil biostratigraphy of Middle to Late Cretaceous sections in the Philippines
FiorentinoEuropean Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODNET): a two-way opportunity for nannoworkers with the project
Franceschetti, Martinez-Braceras, Payros & MonechiThe lower Eocene Sopelana section: new insights into environmental effects and biotic response of astronomically driven climate change
González-Lanchas, Remacha, Sierro & FloresMiddle and late Eocene calcareous nannoplankton in the Jaca Basin (south-central Pyrenees Eocene Basin): a biostratigraphic and environmental approach
Granchovski & StoykovaNannofossil biostratigraphy of the upper Campanian–Maastrichtian in NW Bulgaria (SE Europe)
Guballa, Peleo-Alampay & IODP Expedition 349 Scientific Party Calcareous nannofossil biostratigraphy and paleoceanographic clues from the latest Pliocene-Pleistocene from IODP Expedition 349 Site U1431D, South China Sea
Holcová & HradilováCalcareous nannoplankton in the chalk grounds of the Romanesque Madonna of Sedes Sapientiae type
Holcová & MichalíkCalcareous nannoplakton from the Triassic/Jurassic boundary interval (section Kardolina, Western Carpathians)
Hoshina, Lei, Wu, Jiang & JordanMicrofossils from the Precambrian-Early Cambrian, Chengjiang, China
Jalili & HadaviNannostratigraphy of a marly shale flyshoid from Afzalabad in northern Birjand (eastern Iran)
Kallanxhi & ĆorićCalcareous nannofossils from Oligocene-middle Miocene sediments from the Albanian - Thessalian Basin (Albania): biostratigraphy and paleoecological implications
Kallanxhi, Ćorić & MandicBiostratigraphy and paleoenvironment of the Middle Miocene deposits from the southern Pannonian Basin (Bosnia and Herzegovina) based on calcareous nannofossils
Kallanxhi, Koucal & WagreichPaleocene - Eocene calcareous nannofossil biostratigraphy from the Gams area (Gosau Group, Northern Calcareous Alps, Austria)
Kameo & ChiyonobuCalcareous nannofossil biohorizons from the late Neogene to Quaternary in and around the Japanese islands and comparison with oxygen isotope and magnetostratigraphic records
Karatsolis, Dimiza, Nomikou, Polymenakou, Mandalakis, Archontikis, Malinverno, Mertzimekis, Pappa & TriantaphyllouPossible effects of Kolumbo submarine volcano emissions (Cyclades, Aegean Sea) on coccolithophore assemblages
Kinkel, Baumann, Meier & YoungBiometry of the genus Gephyrocapsa during the past 2 million years - implications for taxonomy, stratigraphy, and evolution
Koukousioura, Dimiza, Triantaphyllou, Michailidis, Dimou, Navrozidou & SeferlisWinter-spring living coccolithophores from Thermaikos Gulf, NW Aegean Sea
Liu, Zhou, Zhang & LiuSedimentary mechanisms for the late Miocene deep sea nannofossil oozes from the South China Sea
Mahanipour & BarmakizadehEvidence of Faraoni Oceanic Anoxic Event in Zagros Basin, West of Iran
Mahanipour & EftekhariThe First record of Mid-Barremian Oceanic Anoxic Event in Zagros Basin: Evidence from calcareous nannofossils
Malinverno, Karatsolis, Triantaphyllou & CerinoTime series of silicoflagellates and ebridians in the eastern Mediterranean and Black Seas
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Mikellidou, Triantaphyllou, Patruno, Pomoni-Papaioannou & KarakitsiosLate Cretaceous deposits from Zakynthos Island (Preapulian Zone, Ionian Sea, western Greece): evidence from calcareous nannofossil dating and microfacies analysis
Möller, Ineson & SheldonA nannofossil and geochemical investigation into the top Tor hardground, a reservoir barrier/baffle in the Danish Sector of the North Sea
Nogot, Peleo-Alampay, Marquez-Ardiente & FernandoDistribution of living coccolithophores in the marginal and inland seas in the Philippine Archipelago
OvechkinaCalcareous nannoplankton and stable oxygen isotopes as proxies for paleoenvironmental reconstructions of the Albian - Cenomanian succession in the Mount Carmel Region (northwestern Israel)
Ovechkina & AvniCalcareous nannoplankton biostratigraphy of the early–middle Eocene of the central Negev (southern Israel)
Parandavar & HadaviCalcareous nannofossil biostratigraphy of the Qom Formation in central Iran
Peleo-Alampay, Marquez-Ardiente, Wiesner, Fernando & de SilvaCalcareous nannofossils and foraminifera from the surface sediments of the Gulf of Tonkin, South China Sea
Pérez Panera, Cuciniello, Agudelo & OliveroEarly Eocene calcareous nannofossils of the Punta Torcida Formation, Austral Basin, Patagonia: biostratigraphy and paleoceanography
Quivelli, Marino, Rodrigues, Girone & MaioranoMillennial scale climate variability during Marine Isotope Stage 19: calcareous nannofossil, alkenone, and planktonic foraminiferal evidence at ODP Site 975 (Balearic Basin)
Ravani, Karatsolis, Dimiza, Triantaphyllou, Malinverno, Lagaria & PsarraCoccolithophore distribution in the western Black Sea during early summer 2016
Saavedra-Pellitero & BaumannOcean and monsoonal dynamics of the Japan Sea over the last 450,000 years - a coccolithophore perspective
Skejić, Arapov, Bužančić & NinčevićWinter-spring aspect of coccolithophore species diversity in the open waters of the central Adriatic Sea
Su & KulhanekInitial age and deposit environment during onset rifting of the South China Sea and the West Philippine Sea: nannofossil evidences
Tangunan, Baumann, Brentegani & Expedition 361 scientistsThe last 1 million years of discoasters: late Pliocene productivity at IODP Site U1476 (Mozambique Channel)
Toledo, Quadros, Camillo & CostaPaleoceanography for the last 772 ky in the western South Atlantic by means of calcareous nannofossils
Triantaphyllou, Baumann, Karatsolis, Dimiza, Skampa, Vollmar, Archontikis, Nomikou, Koukousioura, Michailidis, Patoucheas, Katsigera, & PsarraCoccolithophore community response along a natural CO2 gradient off Methana (northeastern Peloponnese peninsula, Aegean Sea)
Tsutsui & JordanSemi-automated morphometric system for early Eocene Naviculopsis spp. (Silicoflagellata)
Uezato & JordanMiocene silicoflagellates from the Paratethys
Utsunomiya, Hagino & TanakaStratigraphic variation in abundance, species composition, and morphology of the genus Umbilicosphaera (Calcidiscaceae) in the Pliocene - Pleistocene of ODP Site 709C core (western equatorial Indian Ocean
Uy, Peleo-Alampay & IODP Expedition 349 Scientific PartyRefining Pleistocene-Holocene calcareous nannofossil biostratigraphy of IODP Expedition 349 Site 1433, South China Sea
Vollmar, Strack & BaumannModern and past morphology of Emiliania huxleyi and its co-occurrence with other Noelaerhabdaceae in the Atlantic Ocean

- student presentation, eligible for award

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