Shirley Harald Markus Karl Anna Emanuela Claudia Eva Fabio Simonetta Patrizia Jeremy Chris Sandra Alyssa Dave Dick Bill Monique Nicola Marie-Pierre Nicky Andy Tim Fabienne Kevin Yuichiro Steve Andras Syed UNW Ben Jens Laurel Hans Hisa Hanno Oliver Ric Luc Amos Yoram Peter Paul Woody Alvin UNW David Pat Jackie Mike Terri Christine Mario Luiz Bohumil Alexandra Jean Lluisa Kazue Britta Elisabeth Lilian Jose Helen Debra Hagino Annemiek Mara Ting Tania Kyoma
This charming photo shows the Participants of the INA7 Conference in Puerto Rico. To identify your friends click on their faces (I am sure they won't be offended). N.B. (1) I use Netscape Navigator, operation may be different in other browsers; (2) You should resize the address window; (3) You need to click twice each time since the image window ceases to be active; (4) The address info is from the database on the conference site, and I have not attempted to correct or complete it. Jeremy

Update years later. This page does still work but you need to right click the first time and select open in new window - then you should have the names & addresses in one window and the image in another.

version with more palm trees