8th International Nannoplankton Association Conference


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Babette Böckel , Karl-Heinz Baumann, Hanno Kinkel:
Distribution and carbonate contribution of coccoliths from surface sediments of the S Atlantic

The coccolith distribution in the S Atlantic was investigated in 180 surface-sediment samples for absolute abundance and species composition. The dataset is treated statistically, in order to correlate the S Atlantic coccolith-sediment species assemblages with modern oceanographic parameters of the overlying surface-waters such as temperature, salinity and nutrient concentration. Based on factor analysis, different surface-sediment assemblages are described, which allow the subdivision of the S Atlantic into several nannoplankton provinces. Moreover, the coccolith distribution pattern will be related to the preservation potential of the different sedimentation sites dependent on water-depth and bottom-water chemistry. In order to determine the carbonate derived from coccoliths, biometric measurements were carried out.

Coccolith abundances vary greatly, showing values between 0.1 and 83x109 coccoliths per gram sediment. Calculations of the carbonate derived from coccoliths reveal a mean carbonate contribution of 28wt-%.


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