8th International Nannoplankton Association Conference


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Mário Cachão, Áurea Narciso, Alexandra Silva, CODENET team, Richard Jordan, Kozo Takahashi:
The morphometric response of Coccolithus pelagicus to glacial-interglacial couplets during the last 4my

Mário Cachão, Anabela Oliveira, Alexandra Silva, Markus Geisen, Patrizia Ziveri, Alexandra Broerse, Ian Probert:
The ecological potential of the (cocco)liths versus (cocco)spheres

Mário Cachão, Jeremy Young, Hanno Kinkel, Anabela Oliveira, Maria T. Moita, Kees van Lenning, Alexandra Duarte, Markus Geisen, Patrizia Ziveri, Christine Klaas, Ian Probert, Ana S. Palma, Annelies Kleijne, LluÏsa Cros, José C. Mendes:
The distribution of the coccolithophore community off Lisbon (Portugal), during June 1999 (CODENET II Cruise): ecological interpretation

Paola de Capoa, Angelida Di Staso, Salvatore Giardino:
Preparation techniques and methodological approach to calcareous nannoplankton analysis in turbiditic sediments

Carmen M. Chira, Mariana Marunteanu:
Calcareous nannofossils and dinoflagellates from the Middle Miocene of the Transylvanian Basin, Romania

Elena Colmenero, José-Abel Flores, Ludvig Löwemark, Joachim Schönfeld, Francisco J. Sierro:
Paleoceanographic reconstruction of the Gulf of Cadiz during the last glacial cycle as revealed by coccolithophore assemblages

Lluïsa Cros, Annelies Kleijne, Jeremy R. Young:
Coccolithophorid diversity in the genus Polycrater and possible relations with other genera

Daniela Crudeli, Elisabetta Erba:
High-resolution quantitative study of calcareous nannofossils of the Holocene eastern Mediterranean sedimentary record: response to paleoceanographic changes leading to sapropel S1 deposition

Armando A. Scarparo Cunha:
Dry-wet climatic cycles in the Turonian sequences of the Sergipe (NE Brazialian continental margin) and Angola (SW African continental margin) Basins


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