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Marietta M. De Leon, Ericson S. Pagado:
A report on the first recorded Palaeocene calcareous nannofossil occurrence from offshore southwest Palawan, Philippines

Until lately, very little information has been known about the Early Tertiary of the Philippines. Whilst the Eocene rock-units in the country are better documented on the basis of their fossil content (largely foraminifera and algae), almost all, if not all, of the Paleocene rock records are inferred from stratigraphic position. The few geological formations which were previously mapped as Paleocene have been found by later workers to be undifferentiated Paleocene-Eocene, Eocene and/or younger in age.

Because of its potential for both minerals and petroleum, Palawan Island has been a favoured subject for various types of exploration. The N of the island province comprises rocks that predominantly belong to the Upper Palaeozoic and Mesozoic Systems. The southern and central-area s, on the other hand, are underlain by Cretaceous ophiolites and Palaeogene to Lower Miocene quartz sedimentary rocks.

Recent biostratigraphic and geologic investigations of the Abo-abo 1X well, drilled earlier from offshore the SW part of the province, revealed information significant to Philippine stratigraphy. The information documents, for the first time, the occurrence in the area and in the whole of the Philippines, an assemblage of calcareous nannofossils resembling markers indicative of the Late Paleocene Biozone NP9 of Martini. The calcareous nannofossils, which are generally abundant and moderately preserved consist of Fasciculithus tympaniformis, Sphenolithus anarrhopus, Discoaster falcatus, Neochiastozygus digitosus and Campylosphaera dela. They are recovered from thick, clastic-dominated, calcareous sequences of the well and are generally found to associate with other longer-ranging Paleogene species.


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