8th International Nannoplankton Association Conference


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Richard W. Jordan:
Phytoplankton studies from the N Pacific Ocean and Bering Sea

During part of the cruise of the R/V Hakuho-Maru (July-August, 1999), a number of surface-samples were taken whilst passing through the Aleutian Islands on two occasions. The phytoplankton assemblages in these samples reflect the changes from a coccolithophorid-dominated water-mass in the south to a diatom-dominated water-mass in the north, with increased diatom productivity in the shallower waters of the straits. In the subarctic N Pacific, the coccolithophorid community consisted mostly of Emiliania huxleyi and Coccolithus pelagicus, whilst in the southern Bering Sea, only low numbers of C. pelagicus were found. No coccolithophorids were found in the northern Bering Sea. A N-S transect of samples from the Bering Sea to Japan was also investigated, as well as a shallow-water transect through to Tokyo Bay. The surface-water coccolithophorid assemblages reflect the change from a subarctic flora to a subtropical/temperate summer flora. The shallow bays near Tokyo were dominated by diatoms.


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