8th International Nannoplankton Association Conference


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Mariusz Kedzierski:
The Turonian-Coniacian nannofossils from the eastern part of the circum-Sudetic area

Upper Cretaceous sediments occur in the SW part of Poland, surrounding the Sudetes Mountains. Study of calcareous nannoplankton focused on marly, shaley sediments from the Opole region (Opole Trough) and Klodzko region (Nysa Graben, Lower Idzikow Beds). These sediments are an equivalent of the Bohemian Cretaceous. The Opole Trough sections represent Middle Turonian to Middle Coniacian deposits, and are around 50m thick. The Lower Idzikow Beds (Nysa Graben) are Middle to Upper Coniacian tempestite sediments, around 700m thick. Detailed inoceramid stratigraphy (e.g. Walaszczyk, 1992) allows correlation of the first occurrences (FO) of nannofossils with chronostratigraphy. The sediments are rich in well-preserved calcareous nannofossils. Studied sections represent CC11 to CC14 Nannofossil Biozones (sensu Sissingh, Perch-Nielsen) and UC8 to UC10 of Burnett. The problem is with correlation of FOs of nannofossil taxa with chronostratigraphy based on the inoceramid biozonation. Some of the taxa occur above or below their FOs in the section in comparison to the mentioned biozonation. For example: Lithastrinus septenarius occurs below Eiffellithus eximius; Micula staurophora occurs above the Middle Coniacian, in UC11, but below Lithastrinus grillii which has not been found; Marthasterites furcatus appears 'twice', the first time with Liliasterites cf. L. angularis, then disappearing, and reappearing in Upper Turonian sediments, below the Turonian/Coniacian boundary. Interesting is the occurrence of Petrarhabdus copulatus in Middle Coniacian sediments. This very characteristic taxon has not been described from younger than Campanian deposits yet (e.g. Dudziak, 1979). Occurrences of Reinhardtites aff. R. anthophorus have also been noticed in sediments of the Upper Turonian.


Dudziak, J. 1979. Nannofossils from Upper Cretaceous, Pieniny Klippen Belt. [Polish, English summary]. Studia Geologica Polonica, LXI: 77-104.

Walaszczyk, I. 1992. Turonian through Santonian deposits of the Central Polish Uplands; their facies development, inoceramid paleontology and stratigraphy. Acta Geol. Polonica, 42(1-2): 1-122.


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