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INA 16 News from the meeting, October 2017

We had a lovely time in Greece, and also as explained here elected a new President, decided to go to Brazil for our next conference, and started planning an INA summer school - please read the news update.

INA 15 News from the meeting, March 2015

A lot went on at the conference in Bohol - see the news update here.

INA 14 News from the meeting, Sept 2013

The conference in Reston was quite an event and there were some important changes in oficrs, plans for future meetings, etc. - see the news update here.

NannoNews in the Newsletter of Micropalaeontology

Since 2013 as part of our collaboration with The Micropalaeontlogical Society we have published NannoNews items in the Newsletter of Micropalaeontology. Initially this was mailed to INA members, but postage costs became prohibitively expensive and the Newsletter has been online only since 2014. To find full versions of the Newsletter visit the TMS website. The versions here contain the pages relevant to INA.

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Older Nanno News and Announcements

Past INA conferences and workshops

There used to be a list here but now there is a separate Conferences Page with all the information and more.