Nannoplankton dictionary

What I have done here is to produce a dictionary file from a listing of most nannofossil and extant nannoplankton combinations. It includes species names, generic names, and authors. I then added some higher taxa and descriptive terminology words to give a total of about 3000 words. The file can be used to supplement the regular dictionary of your word processor or email program so that it no longer complains about every nannofossil name it encounters.

UPDATE - Spring 2015. I have generated a new file using the taxon list from Nannotax, this is both more up to date and cleaner than the previous list. I also added stage and period names and the names of first authors from the nannotax bibliography.
How to use the dictionary file - general principles
There are two basic approaches which should work with any program: either
1. Consult the help files of the application and find out how to add an extra dictionary (or do a google search)
2. Find the user/custom dictionary of the program you are using, then cut and paste the text of this dictionary into it.

Mac-OSX You can add the terms to your user dictionary for the system quite easily, there is a step-by-step explanation on the Tuts+ website.
MS-Word (short explanation)
1. Put the dictionary somewhere sensible
2. Activate using Tools/Spelling & Grammar/Options/Custom dictionary

DOWNLOAD - right-click here to download the dictionary file, or here for a text version