INA 7 Puerto Rico 1998
Proceedings volume

The proceedings of the INA7 confernce held in Puerto Rico in 1998 were published as a special issue of Marine Micropaleontology - contents below. A limited number of copies of this volume are available from the INA for the special price of 40 US dollars (inc postage). (NB There are a few still available as of oct. 2017)

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Young J. R., Thierstein H. R., Winter A. (eds.) 2000: Nannoplankton ecology and palaeocology, Proceedings of the INA7 conference, Puerto Rico, February 1998.
Marine Micropaleontology, vol. 39, p.1-318

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Cros L., Kleijne K., Billard C., Zeltner A. and Young J.R.
New examples of holococcolith-heterococcolith combination coccospheres and their implications for coccolithophorid biology. Pages 1-34

Cortes M.
Further evidence for the heterococcolith-holococcolith combination Calcidiscus leptoporus - Crystallolithus rigidus. Pages 35-38.

Sprengel C. and Young J. R. (2000)
First direct documentation of associations of Ceratolithus cristatus ceratoliths, hoop-coccoliths and "Neosphaera coccolithomorpha" planoliths. Pages 39-41.

Karwath B., Janofske D., Tietjen F. and Willems H.
Temperature effects on growth and cell size in the marine calcareous dinoflagellate Thoracosphaera heimii. Pages 43-52

K. Hagino, H. Okada and H. Matsuoka
Spatial dynamics of coccolithophore assemblages in the Equatorial Western-Central Pacific Ocean. Pages 53-72

K. Takahashi and H. Okada
Environmental control on the biogeography of modern coccolithophores in the southeastern Indian Ocean offshore of Western Australia  • Pages 73-86

H. Kinkel , K. -H. Baumann and M. Cepek
Coccolithophores in the equatorial Atlantic Ocean: response to seasonal and Late Quaternary surface water variability  Pages 87-112

R. W. Jordan and A. Winter
Assemblages of coccolithophorids and other living microplankton off the coast of Puerto Rico during January–May 1995 Pages 113-130

M. Cachão and M. T. Moita
Coccolithus pelagicus, a productivity proxy related to moderate fronts off Western Iberia  Pages 131-155

Claudia Sprengel , Karl-Hein Baumann and Susanne Neuer
Seasonal and interannual variation of coccolithophore fluxes and species composition in sediment traps north of Gran Canaria (29°N 15°W). Pages 157-178

A. T. C. Broerse , P. Ziveri and S. Honjo
Coccolithophore (–CaCO3) flux in the Sea of Okhotsk: seasonality, settling and alteration processes. Pages 179-200

K. Kameo and T. Sato
Biogeography of Neogene calcareous nannofossils in the Caribbean and the eastern equatorial Pacific—floral response to the emergence of the Isthmus of Panama. Pages 201-218

S. Monechi , A. Buccianti and S. Gardin
Biotic signals from nannoflora across the iridium anomaly in the upper Eocene of the Massignano section: evidence from statistical analysis. Pages 219-237

F. Lottaroli and D. Catrullo
The calcareous nannofossil biostratigraphic framework of the Late Maastrichtian–Danian North Sea chalk . Pages 239-263

C. Street and P. R. Bown
Palaeobiogeography of Early Cretaceous (Berriasian–Barremian) calcareous nannoplankton. Pages 265-291

N. Perilli
Calibration of early–middle Toarcian nannofossil events based on high-resolution ammonite biostratigraphy in two expanded sections from the Iberian Range (East Spain). Pages 293-308

R. W. Jordan , A. T. C. Broerse , K. Hagino , H. Kinkel , C. Sprengel , K. Takahashi and J. R. Young
Taxon lists for studies of modern nannoplankton. Pages 309-314

Author Index Volume 39, 2000  • Pages 315-316