Coccolithophores from molecular processes to global impact

H. R. Thierstein and J. R. Young (eds.) 2004 Springer ISBN 3-540-21928-5. 565pages.

Part 1-Cell Biology and Biochemistry

What is new in coccolithophore biology?
Chantal Billard and Isao Inouye

Calcification in coccolithophores: A cellular perspective
Colin Brownlee and Alison Taylor

Pigment diversity of coccolithophores in relation to taxonomy, phylogeny and ecological preferences
Kees Van Lenning, Ian Probert, Mikel Latasa, Marta Estrada and Jeremy Young

Part 2-Physiology and bloom studies

Emiliania huxleyi : Bloom observations and the conditions that induce them
Toby Tyrell and Agostino Merico

Coccolithophores and the biological pump: Responses to environmental changes
Björn Rost and Ulf Riebesell

Dimethyl sulphide production: What is the contribution of the coccolithophores?
Gill Malin and Michael Steinke

Re-evaluation of the physiological ecology of coccolithophores
William Balch

Structure and morphogenesis of the coccoliths of the CODENET species
Jeremy Young, Karen Henriksen and Ian Probert

The laboratory culture of coccolithophores
Ian Probert and Aude Houdan

Part 3-Molecular phylogeny and evolutionary biodiversity

A review of the phylogeny of the Haptophyta
Alberto Saez, Ian Probert, Jeremy Young, Bente Edvardsen, Wenche Eikrem and Linda Medlin

Super-species in the calcareous plankton
Colomban de Vargas, Alberto Saez, Linda Medlin and Hans Thierstein

Coccolithophorid biodiversity: evidence from the cosmopolitan species Calcidiscus leptoporus
Patrick Quinn, Alberto Saez, Karl-Heinz Baumann, Blair Steel, Claudia Sprengel and Linda Medlin

Species level variation in coccolithophores
Markus Geisen, Jeremy Young, Ian Probert, Alberto Saez, Karl-Heinz Baumann, Jörg Bollmann, Luisa Cros, Colomban de Vargas, Linda Medlin and Claudia Sprengel

Coccolith contribution to South Atlantic carbonate sedimentation
Karl-Heinz Baumann, Babette Böckel and Michael Frenz

Present-day coccolithophore biogeography in the Atlantic Ocean
Patrizia Ziveri, Karl-Heinz Baumann, Babette Böckel, Jorg Böllmann and Jeremy Young

Part 4-Evolutionary development, fluxes and paleoproxies

Why is the land green and the ocean red?
Paul Falkowski, Oscar Schofield, Miriam Katz, Bas van de Schootbrugge and Andrew Knoll

Plankton community behaviour on ecological and evolutionary timescales: when models confront evidence
Hans Thierstein, Mara Cortés and Ali Haidar

Calcareous nannoplankton evolution and diversity through time
Paul Bown, Jackie Lees and Jeremy Young

Carbonate fluxes and calcareous nannoplankton
William Hay

Coccolithophore-based geochemical paleoproxies
Heather Stoll and Patrizia Ziveri