INA Workshop on extant Coccolithophorid research
Proceedings volume

The proceedings of the workshop held in Crete in 2003 have been published as a special issue of Micropaleontology - contents below. For ordering information see the Micropaleontology Press website.

Micropaleontology, volume 50, supplement 1, (2004)
Advances in the biology, ecology and taphonomy of extant calcareous nannoplankton
Edited by: Maria Triantaphylou

Volume contents

From living communities to fossil assemblages: origin and fate of coccolithophores in the northern Arabian Sea. p.5-21.
Harald Andruleit, Ulf Rogalla and Sabine Stäger

Coccolithophorids from the Southeast Greenland Margin (Northern North Atlantic): production, ecology and the surface sediment record. p.23-34.
Barbara Balestra , Patrizia Ziveri , Simonetta Monechi  and Simon Troelstra

Importance of size measurements for coccolith carbonate flux estimates p. 35-43.
Karl-Heinz Baumann

New keys to the Past: Current and future DNA studies in Coccolithophores. p. 45-54.
Colomban de Vargas and Ian Probert

A revised classification scheme for living haptophytes. p. 55-79.
Richard W. Jordan, Lluisa Cros and Jeremy R. Young

Morphological variability within the genus Calciosolenia (coccolithophorids) from the eastern Mediterranean Sea. p. 81-91.
Elisa Malinverno

Effect of temperature on culture growth and cyst production in the calcareous dinoflagellates Calciodinellum albatrosianum, Leonella granifera and Pernambugia tuberosa. p. 93-106.
K.J. Sebastian Meier , Christine Höll and Helmut Willems

Morphometry of Coccolithus pelagicus s.l. (Coccolithophore, Haptophyta) from offshore Portugal, during the last 200 kyr. p. 107-120.
Aurea Parente, Mario Cachão, Karl-Heinz Baumman, Lucia de Abreu and Jorge Ferreira

Syracosphaera halldalii and Calyptrolithina divergens var. tuberosa life- cycle association and relevant taxonomic remarks. p. 121-126.
Maria V. Triantaphyllou, Margarita D. Dimiza, Michael D. Dermitzakis

Coccolithophore export production and fluxes in the oligotrophic Cretan Sea (NE Mediterranean). p. 127-144.
Maria V.Triantaphyllou, Patrizia Ziveri and Anastasios Tselepides

Expressed Sequence Tag Profiles from Calcifying and Non-Calcifying Cultures of Emiliania huxleyi. p. 145-155.
E. Thomas, M. Wahlund , Xiaoyu Zhang and Betsy A. Read

Summer and winter distribution and malformation of coccolithophores in the East China Sea. p. 157-170.
Tien-Nan Yang, Kuo-Yen Wei, Min-Pen Chen, Su-Jen Ji, Gwo-Ching Gong, Fei-Jan Lin and Teh-Quei Lee

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