INA Workshop on extant Coccolithophorid research

Announcement and Invitation


INA Workshop on extant Coccolithophorid research

Institute of Marine Biology of Crete, Heraklion, Greece, October 1-6, 2003

University of Athens (UOA), Dept. of Geology, Section of Historical Geology-Paleontology
Institute of Marine Biology of Crete (IMBC), Dept. of Oceanography

Lect. Maria Triantaphyllou (UOA)

Organizing Committee:
Prof. M.D.Dermitzakis (UOA), Dr. T. Tselepides (IMBC),
Dr. J.R. Young (NHM), Dr. P. Ziveri (VUA)

Dear Coccolithophorid researchers and friends
At the INA 9 meeting in Parma it was recognized that much research is currently in progress on extant coccolithophorids including studies of plankton, sediment trap and core-top samples. It was felt that a specialist workshop would be useful to facilitate this research, increase collaboration between the different workers and identify targets for collaborative research. The University of Athens (UOA) team who have recently started research in this area were pleased to have their offer to host this workshop accepted.
The University of Athens (UOA) and the Institute of Marine Biology of Crete (IMBC) have the pleasure to invite you to the INA Workshop "Coccolithophores 2003", October 1-6, 2003.
The Workshop will take place at the modern facilities of the IMBC, Heraklion on the isle of Crete, Greece, in a friendly atmosphere and in the vicinity of the deep-blue Aegean Sea.
During the Workshop we will try to catch up with the state-of-the art in Coccolithophorid research through frank discussion and oral and poster presentations on the following topics:

A Training Session concerning inverted microscopic observations of culture strains is planned. This will give non-biologist Coccolithophorid researchers' the chance to get acquainted with living forms.
Please, submit an (extended) abstract on your oral and/or poster presentation, to be included in a "Programme & Abstract Volume".

Costs and registration
Travel expenses are yours; ask for reduced air (weekend) fares. Participation fee per person 165 Euro. This includes hotel accommodation in double rooms, breakfast and dinner, a closing Gala dinner, coffee/tea breaks, and a copy of the report with abstracts.
The cost per person will be raised at 220 Euro, if you will use single rooms.
Please fill in the registration form and simultaneously deposit 50% of your participation fee in the bank account of the hotel (Magda hotel,
(N.B. The form is a Microsoft word document, if you have problems with it please just email Maria Triantaphyllou with your plans for participation)
Swift number CRBAGRAAXXX, Alpha Bank city Limin Chersonisou Crete

At your earliest convenience, but in any case prior to June 1, 2003. The rest of your participation fee will be paid at location.
Please do not forget to fax your bank receipt to the hotel (hotel fax number 0030-2897042294) in order to confirm your reservation.
We will appreciate to have your abstract(s) by July 30, 2003, in order to prepare the "Programme & Abstract Volume".
We are looking forward to see you in Greece.

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