Where next? Vote for the venue for INA10

There are three enthusiastic candidates to host the next INA conference, INA10, to be held in Summer 2004. Presentations were given at INA9 and a preliminary vote held, but to ensure the maximum participation in making the choice the INA Council are inviting all members to vote on the venue. The results of the two votes will be used to reach a final verdict. All INA members are invited to vote by email to Matt Hampton (UK Treasurer).

Information on the venues
The three hosts have prepared presentations which you can view here. In alphabetic order the proposals are from:
NB For the Lyon and Lisbon presentations the downloadable Powerpoint versions are nicer than than the html (web) version. If you are unsure where these places are then see map at the bottom of this page for a reminder.

Other meetings in Summer 2004
There is the complication of other meetings of interest to INA members that have already been scheduled for the late summer-fall of 2004. If one of the European venues (either Lyon or Lisbon) is chosen, we will endeavor to schedule the meeting so that it will be possible for those interested to make one of more of these meetings back-to-back with INA10. These meetings are: We would therefore, like for you to tell us whether you wish to attend any of these meetings in addition to INA10, and if so, which one(s). Taking all of these factors into account, Council will make the final decision and announce the next General Meeting site as expeditiously as possible.

How to Vote
Send an email to with your preferred location as the first word of the subject line. Only INA members can vote, and only once each. Votes will be treated as strictly confidential.

Friday, November 1st.

Should I vote again by email if I already voted at the INA9 Parma meeting?
Yes - we are treating these as separate votes which the INA Council will look at to make a final decision. This system will give a bit more influence to people who turned up at the last meeting, but this is not grossly unreasonable, since they have already demonstrated their commitment to attending meetings (and in the past we made the decision without any attempt to poll the complete membership).


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