The amazing illuminated Ehux and other bargains from the Yamagata conference

INA Calendar for 2011 - celebrating over 25 years of INA meetings and conferences.

US Letter format (215.9 mm 279.4 mm)


Unique conference souvenir - 3D model of an Emiliania huxleyi coccosphere laser-etched into a glass block

(8cm high)


light-up base to make the coccosphere glow in the dark (with nice colour change effects)


INA 13 canvas bag decorated with the lovely conference logo

(30 x 37cm)


INA 13 abstract volume.

(A4 128pp).


INA 12 proceedings volume; special issue of Geobios edited by Giraud and Mattioli

(12 papers, 164 pages)

NB None of this stuff is available for sale any more, but we like to keep an archive of what we did.