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Monday 16th September

09:00 Opening ceremony, welcome and announcements Convenors: Felipe Toledo & Giuliana Villa
Session 1Coccoliths: What are their uses?Chairs: Ric Jordan & Aurea Narciso
09:20 Cinzia Bottini & others Are coccoliths waste bins for toxic elements?
09:40 Katerina Holcová & Filip Scheiner Corrosion of coccoliths as a proxy for pH in sediments
10:00 Giulia Faucher & others Environmental control on coccolithophore morphology: Do modern species yield information that is transferable to the geological past?
10:20Coffee break
Session 2Ecology and biology of living coccolithophoresChairs: Jeremy Young & Cinzia Bottini
10:50 Catarina Guerreiro & others Transatlantic gradients in coccolithophore species fluxes: Influence of thermocline depth, Amazon water and Saharan dust
11:10 Andres Rigual-Hernández & others Monitoring the seasonal cycle of Emiliania huxleyi populations in the subantarctic Southern Ocean
11:30 David Hernández-Becerril & others Composition, abundance and distribution of coccolithophores in the Gulf of California (Mexican Pacific) during the summer, and their relation to oceanographic conditions
11:50 Keynote 1 Mariem Saavedra-Pellitero Living on the edge: Polar coccolithophores
Session 2 (cont’d) Ecology and biology of living coccolithophores Chairs: Karl-Heinz Baumann & Catarina Guerreiro
14:00 el Mahdi Bendif & others Integrating molecular genomic and palaeobiological data on the evolution of the Gephyrocapsa-Emiliania clade
14:20 Amos Winter & others Importance of coccolithophores in the deep-ocean biomass
14:40 Odysseas Archontikis & Jeremy Young Exploring the life-cycle of Ceratolithus cristatus Kamptner
15:00Coffee break
15:30 Xiaobo Jin & others Two production stages of coccolithophores in the winter, as revealed by sediment traps in the northern South China Sea
15:50 Laura Perrin & others Strain-specific calcification response of Gephyrocapsa huxleyi to pH change: COCCACE, a high-throughput live imaging method
16:10 Ric Jordan & others Are Macrora and Clathropyxidella fossil siliceous haptophytes?
16.30-18.00 Poster session

Tuesday 17th September

Session 3 Palaeoecology, palaeoceanography and palaeoclimate Chairs: Luc Beaufort & Giulia Faucher
09:00 Rodrigo Guerra & others Calcareous microfossils and palaeoenvironmental.changes across the Cretaceous– Paleogene (K–Pg) boundary in the Cerro Azul section, Neuquén Basin, Argentina
09:20 Kazuki Hoshina & others Palaeoenvironmental reconstruction of the Marmorito (NW Italy) diatomites based on microfossil assemblages
09:40 Francesco Miniati & others The ‘Micula acme’ during Oceanic Anoxic Event 3 (Coniacian–Santonian)
10:00 Claire Routledge & others Plankton community dynamics through the Paleogene–Neogene transition from the northwest Atlantic (IODP Expedition 342, Sites U1406 and U1411)
10:20Coffee break
10:50 Majd Homaidan Shmeit & others The role of continental runoff versus upwelling in triggering the Weissert Oceanic Anoxic Event (mid-Valanginian): Micropalaeontological and isotopic data
11:10 Jiuliana Quadros & others Calcareous nannoplankton response to an AMOC shift during the last 200 kyr in the western South Atlantic
Keynote 2
José Abel Flores Scientific drilling in the South American oceans in the origin of the paradigms
Session 3 (cont’d) Palaeoecology, palaeoceanography and palaeoclimate Chairs: Emanuela Mattioli & Diego-Felipe Vallejo
14:00 Mario Cachao & Ricardo Ramalho Calcareous nannofossils in tsunamigenic deposits: A Cape Verde case-study
14:20 Carlotta Cappelli & others Calcareous nannofossils and stable isotope records from the Early–Middle Eocene North Atlantic Ocean (IODP Site U1410): Biostratigraphy, evolutionary trends and palaeoenvironmental interpretations
14:40 Ruigang Ma & others Eocene–Oligocene calcareous nannofossil assemblages and palaeoenvironmental changes in the northern South China Sea
15:00 Tomasso Mazza & others Characterisation of the Helminthoid Flysch facies through calcareous nannofossil assemblage variations (Upper Cretaceous, northern Apennines, Italy)
15:20Coffee break
15:50 Maria Fonseca & others The Late Cretaceous palaeobiogeography of Braarudosphaera bigelowii
16:10 Allyson Vigano & Claudia Agnini Calcareous nannofossils across the Eocene–Oligocene transition at ODP Site 756 (Ninetyeast Ridge, Indian Ocean): Implications for biostratigraphy and palaeoceanographic clues
16:30 Boris Karatsolis & others What drives coccolithophore productivity changes and species turnovers? A Pliocene case-study from the NW Australian shelf
16.50-18.00 Poster session

Wednesday 18th September

Session 3 (cont’d) Palaeoecology, palaeoceanography and palaeoclimate Chairs: Claudia Agnini & Boris Karatsolis
09:00 Alba González-Lanchas & others The role of the Gephyrocapsa complex in the reconstruction of atmospherically-driven water-column variability in the western Mediterranean (ODP Site 977) during Marine Isotope Stage 11
09:20 Alessandro Menini & others Calcareous nannofossil fluxes and mass across the Paleocene–Eocene Thermal Maximum
09:40 Xinquan Zhou & others Primary productivity dynamics in the northeastern Indian Ocean since the Last Glacial Maximum: Towards a better understanding of tropical climate change
Session 4 Evolution, systematics and biostratigraphy Chairs: Mitch Covington & Carlotta Cappelli
10:00 Roberto Pereira da Silva & others Biostratigraphy and palaeobiogeographic inferences from calcareous nannofossils in the UFRJ-2- LRJ-01-SE core, Sergipe-Alagoas Basin, Brazil
10:20Coffee break
10:50 Juan Pablo Panera & others Distribution of Micula murus in the Late Maastrichtian southwestern Atlantic Ocean and its contribution to palaeoceanographic reconstruction
11:10 Stepan Coric & Torres-Silva Eocene to early Oligocene calcareous nannofossils from western and central Cuba
Keynote 3
Michel Michaelovitch de Mahaques From the Rio de La Plata to the Cabo Frio: oceanographic processes on the SW Atlantic
Session 4 (cont’d) Evolution, systematics and biostratigraphy Chairs: Giuliana Villa & Odysseas Archontikis
14:00 Micaela Chaumeil Rodriguez & others Lower Jurassic calcareous nannofossils from the Neuquén Basin, Argentina: New insights on the opening of the Hispanic Corridor
14:20 Eric de Kaenel & David Bord Gelasian–Pleistocene calcareous nannofossil cyclostratigraphy for ODP Leg 154 (western equatorial Atlantic, north of Brazil)
14:40 Anita Nyerges & others Changes in calcareous nannoplankton assemblages and the evolution of biomarkers in the Hungarian Palaeogene Basin (Central Paratethys)
15:00 Richard Howe Ultrastructure in the Order Braarudosphaerales
15:20Coffee break
15:50 Emanuela Mattioli & Asad Abdi A new calcareous nannofossil record in the Lower Jurassic from Kermanshah, western Iran: A clue for evolutionary reconstructions
16:10 Masayuki Utsunomiya & others Morphologic variation in the genus Umbilicosphaera from the Pliocene through Pleistocene of ODP 709C (western Indian Ocean) and 994C (northwestern Atlantic) cores
16.30-18.00Poster session
19:30Conference dinner

Thursday 19th September

Session 4 (cont’d) Evolution, systematics and biostratigraphy Chairs: Cleber Alves & Anita Nyerges
09:00 Diego-Felipe Vallejo & others Upper Cretaceous–Cenozoic calcareous nannofossil biostratigraphy of northwestern Colombian basins
09:20 Carmen Chira & others Eocene–Oligocene calcareous nannofossils from the Transylvanian Basin (Romania): Biostratigraphy, sedimentology and palaeoecology
09:40 Ines Galovic Sarmatian (Late Serravallian–Early Tortonian) biostratigraphy: A case-study in a marginal sea
10:20Coffee break
10:30 Stefano Visentin & others Taxonomic revision of the genus Carinolithus (Early–Middle Jurassic) based on morphometric analyses and diagenesis observations: Implications for biostratigraphy and evolutionary trends
10:50 – Keynote 4 Elisabetta Erba Origin and evolution of calcareous nannoplankton during the Mesozoic: Causes and consequences
Session 5 Advances in nannofossil science Chairs: Eric de Kaenel & Alessandro Menini
14:00 Luc Beaufort & others A method for measuring coccolith thickness in polarising microscopy that is independent of light intensity
14:20 Jeremy Young & others Nannotax and mikrotax, an evolving system for palaeoinformatics
14:40Coffee break
15:10 INA Business meeting and Closing ceremonyINA President - Giuliana Villa & INA17 Host Felipe Toledo


Kenta Abe & othersA new species of Hyalolithus from Upper Miocene sediments in Sicily
Blanca Ausin & othersPalaeoproductivity changes and upwelling dynamics in the Iberian margin driven by abrupt deglacial climate variability
Kalle Baumann & othersCalcareous plankton fluxes in the upwelling area off NW Africa (Cape Blanc): Dynamics and trends from selected sediment trap series over the past 25 years
Emilia Belia & othersRecord of Late Eocene to Early Oligocene calcareous nannofossils from the lower part of the Pisco Basin, west central Peru
Mauro Bruno & othersAlbian–Cenomanian calcareous nannofossils from DSDP Site 364 (Kwanza Basin, Angola): Biostratigraphic implications for the South Atlantic
Mauro Bruno & othersLate Cretaceous (Coniacian– Maastrichtian) calcareous nannofossils and ostracods from the São Paulo Plateau (DSDP Site 356): Biostratigraphic implications
Andrea Concheyro & othersLate Cretaceous (Campanian– Maastrichtian) calcareous nannofossils from ODP Site 762: Evolution of the genus Eiffellithus
Ali El Mehaghag & othersNannofossil biostratigraphy of the Neogene in the offshore A1-89 well, NE Libya
Heliana Ferrarese & othersCoccolithophore assemblage variation and its relation to palaeoproductivity changes in the western South Atlantic during the last 14 kyr
Chiara Fioroni & othersBiostratigraphic distribution of Miocene carbonates associated with gas hydrates in the northern Apennines (Italy) and their relationship with sea-level lowering
Chiara Fioroni & othersMiddle Eocene to Late Oligocene climate variability: A new integrated calcareous nannofossil and magnetostratigraphic record from the equatorial Indian Ocean
Maria Fonseca & Mario CachãoHow old is Braarudosphaera bigelowii? The evolution and acceptance of scientific claims and what the sociology of science can say
Juliana Gonçalves & othersContribution of coccolithophores to carbon burial during the Late Quaternary at the southern Brazilian continental margin
Alba González-Lanchas & othersUpdates on the calcareous nannoplankton biostratigraphy of the Lutetian to early Priabonian strata in the Jaca Basin (southern Pyrenees, Spain)
Alba González-Lanchas & othersGlacial/interglacial CO2 changes on coccolithophore physiology in the tropical Atlantic ODP 925 and 929 (Leg 154) across the MIS 12 to MIS 10
Georgi Granchovski & othersCalcareous nannofossil and stable isotope stratigraphy of the Upper Campanian–Maastrichtian in NW Bulgaria (SE Europe): Preliminary results
Nicte Gutierrez-Puente & othersMicrofacies analysis and integrated biostratigraphy from an Aptian–Albian section in the Tamaulipas Formation, western Hidalgo State, Mexico
Ivan Hernandez-Almeida & othersQuantitative reconstruction of primary productivity in low latitudes during the Last Glacial Maximum and the mid- to Late Holocene from a global Florisphaera profunda calibration dataset
Marcus Hirama & othersSurface productivity variation based on coccolithophore assemblages in the Santos Basin during the last 35,000 years
Katarina Holcová & othersUse of artificial intelligence to identify nannoplankton species
Kazuki Hoshina & othersPalaeoceanographic implications for the closure of the eastern Tethys Ocean based on calcareous nannofossils from southern Tibet
Victory Jaques & othersNannofossils used to determine the provenance of artworks
Denise Kulhanek & othersCalcareous nannofossils from IODP Expedition 374 to the Ross Sea, Antarctica
Adriana Leonhardt & othersCoccolithophore carbonate contribution to the ocean floor on the southern Brazilian continental margin
Azam Mahanipour & Hassani SadiCalcareous nannofossils at the Aptian–Albian boundary in the Zagros Basin (SW Iran)
Azam Mahanipour & Shirin RajaiianEocene–Oligocene calcareous nannofossils in the Zagros Basin (SW Iran)
Isabel MatiasCharacterisation of Upper Cretaceous geological formations in the south-central Pyrenees based on calcareous nannofossils
Mike McKnight & othersBiostratigraphy in the Foz do Amazonas Basin: A multidisciplinary approach
Rafaela Mendes & othersReconstructing palaeoproductivity in the western South Atlantic since the Last Glacial Maximum: An integrated study using coccoliths and benthic foraminifera
Josué Millan & Amos WinterDirect and indirect evidence of coccolithophore activity in the deep euphotic zone: A review
Giulia Molina & othersCalcidiscus size variation and correlations with palaeoproductivity and palaeotemperature proxies in the Santos Basin during the last 14,000 years
André Motta & othersPreliminary results on Miocene–Pliocene calcareous nannofossils from the Rio Grande Rise and Vema Channel (DSDP Leg 72, Sites 516A and 518, SW Atlantic Ocean): Biostratigraphy and palaeoecological inferences
Simonetta Monechi & othersThe Paleocene–Eocene Thermal Maximum in the Río Gor section (southern Spain): Microcodium-rich turbidites give new insights on Mediterranean climate
Aurea Narciso & othersBiodiversity of extant coccolithophores in Macaronesia (northeast Atlantic Ocean)
Guilherme Pedrão & othersCoccolithophore biogeography and its relationship to environmental variables in western South Atlantic surface sediments
Guilherme Pedrão & othersCoccolithophore palaeoproductivity variations related to hydrographic changes from the Last Glacial Maximum to the Holocene in the western South Atlantic Ocean
Flavia Pedrosa & othersBiostratigraphic study of Palaeogene calcareous nannofossils from DSDP Leg 39, Site 354, Ceara Rise, equatorial Atlantic
Davide Persico & othersCalcareous nannofossil biostratigraphy of the External Dinarides Flysch (Vrčić-Staravasa Pag Island, Croatia): Key to an Eocene tectonostratigraphic and palaeoenvironmental interpretation
Andrés Rigual-Hernández & othersA revision of silicoflagellate species composition in the western Mediterranean inferred from sediment traps
Andrés Rigual-Hernández & othersModern silicoflagellate assemblages as indicators of the primary hydrological zonal systems of the Southern Ocean
Lucia Rivas & othersCalcareous nannoplankton thanatocoenosis distribution in the southwestern Atlantic Ocean: New evidence in the western Malvinas Current gyre
Mariem Saavedra-Pellitero & othersCalcification and latitudinal distribution of extant coccolithophores across the Drake Passage during late austral summer 2016
Riko Saino & othersStudies on fossil silicoflagellate assemblages from North America
Victoria Sander & othersPliocene–Holocene calcareous nannofossils from the Sergipe-Alagoas Basin (Piston Core SA5-0033): A preliminary study
Kristalina Stoykova & othersVariations in calcareous nannofossil assemblages during the Paleocene–Eocene transition on the Moesian Platform, Bulgaria: Constraints and significance for a low- to mid-latitude record of the PETM
Anne Strack & Karl-Heinz BaumannDevelopment and occurrence of Emiliania huxleyi morphotypes in the North Atlantic Ocean during the last 270,000 years
Deborah Tangunan & Walter MenapaceConstraining the Fantangisña serpentinite mud volcano (Mariana Forearc) episodicity using calcareous nannofossils
Mariana Tomazella & othersBiogenic carbonate composition throughout the last 140 kyr in pelagic sediments of the western South Atlantic
Raul Trejos-Tamayo & othersMicroRange, a tool for determining the stratigraphic distribution and geologic age of microfossils
Hideto Tsutsui & othersCoccolithophore and silicoflagellate assemblages in the East China Sea and Japan Sea
Edna Tungo & othersAlbian–Cenomanian (Cretaceous) calcareous nannofossils from DSDP Site 364, Bacia de Kwanza, Angola
Yuki Uezato & Ric JordanQuaternary silicoflagellate assemblages from the subarctic Pacific
Masayuki Utsunomiya & othersMorphological variation in the genus Umbilicosphaera from the Pliocene through Pleistocene of ODP 709C (western Indian Ocean) and 994C (northwestern Atlantic) cores
Daniel Waga & othersPreliminary nannofossil biostratigraphic results from the Mariakani Formation, onshore Lamu Basin (SE Kenya)
Hongrui Zhang & othersThe trigger for the mid-Brunhes coccolithophore bloom: New evidence from coccolith assemblages and geochemical and morphological data

- student presentation, eligible for award.

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