The International Nannofossil Association is pleased to announce the sites of its next two biennial General Meetings as follows:

I.  Lisbon, Portugal.  August 29 to September 4, 2004.

Convenor:  Dr. Mario Cachao

Dep. Geologia Fac. Ciencias Univ. Lisboa
Rua da Escola Politecnica, n.58
1250-102 LISBOA
telef. ++ 351 21 392 18 45
Fax: ++ 351 21 390 58 50

        For a preview of this venue and its many attractions, please see

Welcome to Lisbon!

where you may view the brand new meeting HQ facilities, the nearby and internationally famous beaches, the many lovely monuments of Old Lisbon, classic Mesozoic nannofossil localities (replete with ammonites), dinosaur tracks, castles, and field trips, which will include a cruise on a research vessel. 

        The General Theme for this meeting has already been set: 

                "Focus on the Smallest, Understand the Global"

        The meeting is strategically timed to fall between the 32nd International Geological Congress, Florence, Italy, 20-28 August 2004, and the 8th International Paleoceanography Conference, Biarritz France, 5-10 Sept. 2004.  These will be followed closely by the 23rd IAS Meeting on Sedimentology, Coimbra Portugal 15-17 Sept. 2004.  It is entirely possible for participants to attend more than one of the meetings due to their close proximity and compatible dates. 

II.  Lincoln, Nebraska, USA.  September, 2006. 

Convenor:  Dr. David K. Watkins

Micropaleontology Lab of the Department of Geosciences
Universtiy of Nebraska--Lincoln
330 Bessey Hall
Lincoln, NE 68588-0340
Nebraska State Museum
Tel:  402-472-2177 

        For a preview of this venue and its many attractions, please see

Invitation to Lincoln
where you will learn about the Museum's "Elephant Hall", what a "Cornhusker" is, and  nearby exotic geological locales such as the world-renowned Miocene Ash-Fall Fossil Beds and Nebraska's classic Cretaceous nannofossil chalk deposits.   Participants can also visit the INA's newly established corporate home at nearby Seward, NE. 

        Nannofossil specialists and friends of the INA will wish to mark both of these important meetings on their calendars.  More announcements will follow as the web sites are further established and the general circulars are issued. 

See you there!

Woody Wise
INA President

Sherwood W. ("Woody") Wise, Jr.
Department of Geological Sciences, 4100
Florida State University
Tallahassee, FL  32306-4100

Tel: (850) 644-6265
FAX:  (850) 644-4214