NANNO NEWS August 2008


INA12 is rapidly approaching and will be held in beautiful Lyon, France. As usual, I'm looking forward to catching up with old friends, meeting new people, and learning more about nannofossil research. It's a definite plus that this year's venue provides a wonderful opportunity to sample some French wines! However, business needs to be combined with pleasure. With this in mind, please take a moment to scan the Treasurer's report and financial summary at the end of this document; discussion of finances is always part of the biannual business meeting held at INA. Additionally, if you have any questions/concerns regarding INA policy or JNR, please come prepared to discuss them.

So, here's wishing everyone safe travel, and I hope to see you in shortly in Lyon, France. Adieu!

J. Self-Trail


Please note that the year after your name on the mailing label is the year through which your dues are paid. For example, “2008” means that your dues will expire on December 31, 2008.

Our credit card terminal “died” several months ago, and we made an executive decision not to purchase another one based on the cost ($675 for a new machine and $100 in annual fees) and the fact that only a few people used that option in the previous year. Most people pay through PayPal at the INA Web site ( a/inapayment.htm), and it has worked very well. However, we can still accept your payment with a credit card. Mitch Covington set up an INA dues payment page on his Bugware Web site ( Look for the "Credit Cards" button on the lower right portion of the page. On the next page you can select from professional dues ($50) or student fees (which were reduced from $25 to $15 beginning in 2007). We can also accept dues payment by direct wire transfer to the INA bank account (please contact me for the necessary information), check, international postal money order, or UNESCO coupons. If you choose to pay by check, please make your dues payment to “International Nannoplankton Association”. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE YOUR CHECKS PAYABLE TO ME PERSONALLY.

There are only 11 copies available of A Guide to Extant Coccolithophore Taxonomy. The INA has sold out of its stock, and Markus Geisen has graciously agreed to sell us copies as needed from his private cache. These can be purchased at na/meetings/coccoguide.htm. Other publications are available, so have a look at the INA Web site if you need to add to your library.

Woody Wise just let me know that Version 2008.9.4 (i.e., Version 4) of the INA CD-ROM will be available at the Lyon meeting; it will include the same NannoWare databases but includes a new "Cenozoic Antarctic DiatomWare" database (Alpha version, dated 2007, on a separate disk). People who want the DiatomWare database can trade in their older CD free of charge at the meeting. If you cannot attend the meeting, please send your CD to me and I will send you one of the newer CDs as soon as I get the “leftovers” (hopefully by late September).

IMPORTANT REMINDER: If you move, please send your new address to me as soon as possible so your copy of the JNR does not get lost in the mail.

Stacia A. Spaulding, Ph.D. Secretary-Treasurer
345 Meadowbrook Farm Road Proctorsville, VT 05153 e-mail:


Sandra Milena; Restrepo Acevedo Calle 49, no. 35A 17, Apto. 404 Posada, Rochester, Bucaramanga, Santander COLOMBIA
Cleber Alves; Rua General Dionisio, 206/ Apt. 405, Bairro Jardim 25 de Agosto Duque de Caxias, Rio de Janeiro 25075095, BRAZIL
Lia Auliaherliaty; Eerste Ringdijkstraat 420, 1097BC Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
Niccolo Baldassini; Via B. Latini 80, 50133 Firenze, ITALY
Joshua Ball; 35 Swansfield, Lechlade-on-Thames, Gloucestershire, GL7 3NQ, U.K.
Romana Begossi; Av. Visc. de Albuquerque 694, ap. 404 Rio de Janeiro, RJ 22450-000 BRAZIL
Jamie Bennett; Flat 2, 45 Regent Road Altrincham, Greater Manchester WA14 1RU U.K.
David Bord; Earth & Planetary Sciences, Wright Labs Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, 610 Taylor Road, Piscataway, NJ 08854-8066, USA
Nick Butler; PetroStrat Ltd., Tan-y-Graig, Parc Caer Seion Conwy LL32 8FA, U.K.
Martine Couapel; 3A rue de l'Hopital Vieux, 84160 Cadenet, FRANCE
Joana Cubillos; 11 Kingview Court, Kingston, Tasmania 7050, AUSTRALIA
Eliana Fornaciari; Dipart. di Geologia, Paleont. e Geofisica, Via Giotto 1, 43127 Padova, ITALY
Angela Raquel Fraguas; C/ Cordel de Valladolid, 12, 28400 Collada Villalba, Madrid, SPAIN
Maria del Carmen Alvarez Garcia Universidad Catolica de Valencia, Facultad de Ciencas Experimentales, C/Guillem de Castro 94; 46003 Valencia SPAIN
Jay Gould; 90a Andover Road, Orpington, Kent, BR6 8BN, U.K.
Naomi Griffiths; Flat 16, Riverside, London Road, St. Ives, Cambridgeshire, PE27 5GU U.K.
Alessandro Incarbona; Università di Palermo, Dipartimento di Geologia e Geodesia, Via Archirafi 22, 90123 Palermo, ITALY
Kurt Johnston; 9626 Philmont Drive, Houston, TX 77080, USA
Susumu Konno; 1-4-12, Kojirakawa-machi,, Division of Interactive Symbiosphere Sciences, Graduate School of Science Yamagata University, Yamagata, 990-8560, Japan
Adriana Leonhardt; Rua Tuparai, 182, ap A, Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul 91030-100 BRAZIL
Marina Lescano; Departamento de Ciencias Geologicas, Universidad de Buenos Aires Pabellon, Il. Ciudad Universitaria, 1428 Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
Christian Linnert; Feldsieper Straße 41, D-44809 Bochum, Germany
Tania Micoara; 35 Swansfield, Lechlade-on-Thames, Gloucestershire, GL7 3NQ U.K.
Julie Mizzi; 26-91 Portomaso, St. Julians ptm01, MALTA
Musa Musbah; Sarawak Shell Berhad EPT-T-DGS, Locked Bag No. 1 Miri, Sarawak 98009, MALAYSIA
Laura Pea; Casa Ronchi, 25029 Verolavecchia Brescia, ITALY
Juan Pablo Perez Panera; Museo de La Plata - División Paleozoología Invertebrados, Facultad de Ciencias Naturales y Museo, Universidad Nacional de La Plata Calle, Paseo del Bosque s / no CP: 1900 La Plata - Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
Petros Hardas; Universitätsstr. 150, Institut für GMG, D-44801 Bochum, GERMANY
Jyotsana Rai; Birbal Sahni Institute of Paleobotany 53, University Road, P.O. Box 106 Lucknow U.P. 2006007, INDIA
Mariem Saavedra; c/Consuelo no 14, 2o A, 37001 Salamanca, SPAIN
Baptiste Sucheras; 158 rue Cuvier, 69006 Lyon, FRANCE
Flavia Tori; Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra, Universita di Firenze, Via La Pira 4, 50121 Firenze, ITALY
Teodora Veres; Stockholm University, Dept. of Geology & Geochemistry, Stockholm 104 05, SWEDEN
Jonathan Schueth; 675B Waupelani Drive, State College, PA 16801 USA


Esther Adeniyi; P.O. Box 1585 Sabo, Yaba Lagos NIGERIA
Barbara Balestra; 530 Riverside Drive, Apt. 5E New York, NY 10027, USA
Stacie Blair; 2210-A Pecan Lane, Tallahassee, FL 32303, USA
Andrew Bowman; 719 1/2 Euclid Street Houston, TX 77009 USA
Simon Cole; PetroStrat Ltd. Tan-y-Graig, Parc Caer Seion, Conwy, Wales LL32 8FA U.K.
Rui da Gama; RWEA Dea AG Labour Wietze Industriestr. 2, 29323 Wietze GERMANY
Colomban de Vargas; Station Biologique de Roscoff, Place Georges Teissier, 29682 Roscoff, FRANCE
Markus Geisen; Diepeschrather Strasse 6a, D-51069 Koln GERMANY
Magdy Girgis; 1, Godfrey Lands Mandeville P.O. Manchester, Jamaica, WEST INDIES
Kyoko Hagino; Institute for Earth's Interior, Okayama University, 827 Yamada, Misasa Tottori, 682-0193, JAPAN
Jens Herrle; Dept. of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences University of Alberta, 1-26 Earth Sciences Building, Edmonton, Alberta, T6G 2E3 CANADA
Ting-Chang Huang; 14226 Withersdale, Houston, TX 77077 USA
David Hulks; Statoil ASA, Grenseveien 21 (ST-FH A429), 4035 Stavanger, NORWAY
Shijun Jiang; Department of Geosciences, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA 16802 USA
David Jutson; c/o Pegase Sarl, Mas de Surgues Bas. 46100 Beduer FRANCE
Eric de Kaenel DPR; Matil 51, 2000 Neuchatel SWITZERLAND
Anand S. Kale; 1102, Mita Heights, Plot No:51-B, Sector 20 Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, 410210, Maharashtra INDIA
Francesca Lozar; Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra, via Valperga Caluso 35, Torino 10126, ITALY
Sebastian Meier; Institut für Geowissenschaften,, Labor für Rasterelektronemikroskopie, Ludewig-Meyn Str. 16, D-24118 Kiel, GERMANY
Shiro Nishida; 5-39-2901 Fudegasaki-cho, Tennohji-ku, Osaka 543-0027, JAPAN
Juliana Pereira de Quadros; Rua Jose Alves Morgado, 141/302 Jatiuca, Maceio - AL 57036-620, BRAZIL
Ilene Rex; Santos Ltd., 60 Flinders Street Adelaide SA 5000 Australia
Ana Rosa; Rua Justina bulhoes 02, Apto 502 BL3, Bairro Inga, Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro 24210-455 BRAZIL
Jamie Shamrock; 2450 Vine Street, Lincoln, NE 68503 USA
Nicolas Thibault; Geological Institute, University of Copenhagen, Oester Voldgade, 10, 1350 Koebenhavns K. DENMARK
Audra Stant Wood; 12155 Lucille Lane, Anchorage, AK 99515 USA
Heather Stoll; Dept. of Geology, University of Oviedo, c/ Arias de Velasco, 33005 Oviedo, Asturias SPAIN
Brett Woodhouse; Network Stratigraphic Consultants Ltd., Harvest House, Cranborne Road, Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, EN6 3JF U.K.
C.R. (Bob) Young; 644 County Road, 2276 Barnsdall, OK 74002-5099 USA


Sandra Milena Restrepo Acevedo
Cleber Alves
Lia Auliaherliaty
Niccolo Baldassini
Joshua Ball
Romana Begossi
Jamie Bennett
David Bord
Martine Couapel
Joana Cubillos
Rui Da Gama
Colomban de Vargas
Eliana Fornaciari
Angela Raquel Fraguas
Maria del Carmen Alvarez Garcia
Markus Geisen
Magdy Girgis
Naomi Griffiths
Jay Gould
Kyoko Hagino hagino@pheasant.misasa.okayama-
Jens Herrle
Ting-Chang Huang
Alessandro Incarbona
Kurt Johnston
David Jutson
Anad Kale
Susumu Konno
Marina Lescano
Christian Linnert
Rakia Mechmeche
Sebastian Meier
Julie Mizzi
Musa Musbah
Shiro Nishida
Laura Pea
Javier Perez Panera
Hardas Petros
Jyotsana Rai
Ilene Rex
Ana Rosa
Mariem Saavedra
Baptiste Sucheras
Tokiyuki Sato
Heather Stoll
Teodora Veres
Audra Stant Wood
C.R. (Bob) Young

Financial Report for the U.S. Account of the International Nannoplankton Association for August 1, 2006 through July 31, 2008

Sales of Atlas of Extant Nannos $1,052.00
Sales of Back Issues of JNR $50.00
Interest $1,776.54
Total income$26,777.55
JNR 28(2)$3,472.16*
JNR 29(1)$4,200.00
JNR 29(2)$4,250.00
Bank Fees $128.00
Credit Card Fees $728.37
Office Supplies $89.56
Phone Calls $0.50
Total expenses$ 13,097.45
BALANCE $ 24,777.00
*Author reimbursed INA for cost of color plates.

Financial Report for the U.S. Account of the International Nannoplankton Association for August 1, 2006 through July 31, 2008

Sales of INA CD-ROM Ser. 1$890.76*
Transfer to UK account$4,000.00
**Sold out.

INA Membership Data as of August 31, 2006

Lifetime Free members2
Companies/Libraries 19
Total 230
We have members in 45 countries