Bill SiesserAfter 13(!) years of meticulous and utterly dependable work Bill Siesser has finally decided to step down as INA Bibliographer. So we have a vacancy for a new bibliographer. The essential role of the bibliographer is to produce an annotated listing of new publications on extant coccolithophores and calcareous nannoplankton, including calcareous dinoflagellates; and a listing of new new taxa and taxonomic combinations proposed in these articles. The Biblographer is also a full member of INA Council and asked to contribute to policy and decision making for the INA.

We would like anyone who is interested in taking on this invaluable job to contact Shirley van Heck (who has taken on the responsibilty to find someone). We do not expect you to attempt to rival Bill's record service, but we would ask for a commitment to do the job for a minimum of 2 years, starting early 2003.

Update A very gratifying number of people volunteered to help keep the bibliography going. No-one was in a perfect position to take on the job single-handed, but with a bit of neogotiation Shirley came up with system where a small team will take on the job - in particular:
Mario Cachao (Lisbon) will take core responsibility and compile the bibliography.
Ric Jordan (Yamagata/Kochi) will cover extant nannoplankton.
Harald Andruleit (German Geol. Survey, Hannover) and Karl-Heinz Baumann (U. Bremen) will survey key geological journals.

Please send reprints (and offers of help) to
Mario Cachao
Dep. Geologia Fac. Ciencias Univ. Lisboa
Rua da Escola Politecnica, n.58
1250-102 LISBOA
Tel. 351 - 21 3961521 ext 1245 Fax. 351-21 3905850