Catalogue of Calcareous Nannofossils - CD update

Call for submission of reprints
The Catalogue of Calcareous Nannofossils is a key resource for nannoplankton research, the 13 blue volumes were compiled by Prof. Anna Farinacci from 19xx to 1989 and published by Edizioni Tecnoscienza. It is a catalogue of original taxonomic descriptions, similar in format to the Ellis & Messina catologue of foraminifera. Nearly 3000 taxa are catologued, including calcispheres and living calcareous nannoplankton as well as nannofossils. Unfortunately, despite good intentions, producing further printed volumes has proved uneconomic. However, new taxa continue to be described and in an ever wider range of journals many of them inaccesible to workers isolated from major libraries.

It is now plaaned that publication of the "Farinacci" Catalogue of Calcareous Nannofossils will be resumed in electronic format. Thanks to the software developed by Mitch Covington (Nannoware/Bugcam), I will be able to produce a new volume of the Catalogue as a CD-ROM. It should be ready before the next INA Conference, to be held in 2004 in a venue still to be defined. It will therefore be on sale there, and, depending on the response obtained, I will eventually start scanning in the volumes published in the past, in order to make all the material available on computer support.

I hope you agree that this will bne a valuable contribution to the naannoplankton community. I am prepared toundertake the work, however, to fulfil this task, the original publications are necessary, because complete descriptions, bibliographical reference and information concerning the newly erected taxa must be checked; furthermore, they are essential to scan good quality pictures. Therefore, since I have not got access to a large library, I invite everybody to please send me (at the address below) reprints of papers in which new genera, species and subspecies were erected. As the last volume of the hard copy Catalogue was published in 1989 and the material it contained had already been collected before, I would suggest to send me papers published in the last 15 years, unless you are aware that the taxa you had erected have not been included in the Catalogue yet.

In case you have already got the pictures and/or descriptions as computer files, please, e-mail them to me at: This will certainly make my task easier, however, I will not be able to include your taxa in the Catalogue, without the original publication; so, please do send this as well.
Thank you for your co-operation.
See you at INA 10.
Andrea Fiorentino
Via Carleni, 10
05022 Amelia TR