ANNOUNCEMENT - WINDS a new online resource

Dear Colleagues: I would like to invite those of you who will attend GSA in Seattle this year to visit the Micropaleontology Press exhibit (booth 801) at the Convention Center. Micro Press, which resumed its independence this year as a nonprofit organization under its original 1936 title of The Micropaleontology Project, is launching the new journal STRATIGRAPHY, as well as several web-based projects to advance the profession. Among these projects, you may be most interested in the Nannoplankton Archive, a database that documents all living and fossil calcareous nannoplankton. The Nanno Archive, while useful in its own right, will also be the foundation for WINDS (Web Integrated Nannoplankton Database System), an interactive resource that will be available on the web early next year. Your advice and suggestions will be invaluable, and we are looking forward to greeting you in Seattle.

Marie-Pierre Aubry, 2003