Fasciculiths are an extinct Palaeogene group of nannoliths, range Palaeocene to Early Eocene. There are about 20 species, all classified in the genus Fasciculithus and Family Fasciculithceae
Informal taxon-based term: Fasciculith - nannolith formed by the Fasciculithaceae.
Orientation: The concave end of the nannolith is assumed to be proximal.

Apical cycle distal cycle of fasciculith. (Alternative term cone, see appendix).
Central body optically distinct body occurring in the centre of fasciculith. {Romein 1979}
Column cycle proximal cycle of fasciculith, usually forms most of the fasciculith.
Fenestra regular depression on fasciculith.
Longitudinal ridge ridge parallel to length of fasciculith.
Proximal surface lower surface of fasciculith.

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