This set of pages is developed from a terminology guide produced by an INA working group and published in the journal Palaeontology (Young et al. 1997). N.B. The terminology here is essentially confined to terms for the coccoliths, for cytological and other terms related to the organisms see Jordan et al. (1995).
NB  In places these pages have been lightly edited to reflect changes in knowledge since the original publication.

Jordan, R.W., Kleijne, A., Heimdal, B.R . & Green J.C., 1995. A glossary of the extant haptophyta of the world. Journal of the Marine Biological Association, UK , 75, 769-814.

Young, J.R., Bergen, J.A., Bown, P.R., Burnett, J.A., Fiorentino, A., Jordan, R.W., Kleijne, A., Niel, B.E. van, Romein, A.J.T. and Salis, K. von, 1997. Guidelines for coccolith and Calcareous nannofossil terminology. Palaeontology: [Journal of the Palaeontological Association], 40/4, 875-912.

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Strange convention - throughout these pages curly brackets {} are used to indicate first use/coining of the term - e.g. {Lohmann 1902}. But note that the modern use may be rather different to the original author's concept.

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