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98-104 Molecular phylogenetic affinity of Hayaster cf. perplexus based on 18S rDNA sequences. Hagino, K., Young, J. R. & Morono, Y.

1-5 Proposal for the Ericiolaceae (Prymnesiophyceae, Haptophyta) fam. nov. Archontikis, O.A., Thomsen, H.A., Meier, K.J.S., Young, J.R.

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JNR 42-1, June 2024

1-5 Proposal for the Ericiolaceae (Prymnesiophyceae, Haptophyta) fam. nov. Archontikis, O.A., Thomsen, H.A., Meier, K.J.S., Young, J.R.

7-12 A note on the high abundance of Syracosphaera marginiporata HOL in the North Sea in July 1993. Kleijne, A.

13-35 Nannoconus fragilis and Nannoconus quadriangulus: Taxonomic and biostratigraphic revision from Aptian–Albian sections in Brazil. Alves, C.F., de Oliviera Lima, F.H., Mendonca Filho, J.G.
Supplementary material - data appendix

37-53 Oligocene–Early Miocene calcareous nannofossil biostratigraphy and paleoenvironment from the northern South China Sea. Xuan, C., Wang, Y. & Jiang, S.
Supplementary material - data appendix

55-83 Binasphaera nucleonimbiformis gen. et sp. nov., a unique new nannofossil species described from the western equatorial Atlantic Ocean (ODP Site 926) and observed globally. De Kaenel, E., Bord, D., Menini, A., Martignier, A.
Supplementary material - data appendix

85-99 Unusual calcareous nannofossils from the Cenomanian–Turonian Western Interior Seaway of North America. Schueth, J.D., Nicolas, M., Hart, B.S.


JNR 41-2, Nov 2023

54-62 Systemic biases in micropaleontology: A case study of calcareous nannofossil taxonomic names. Schueth, J. D.

64-96 Calcareous nannofossil biostratigraphy of the Eocene/Oligocene boundary (Zones NP19–21) in the parautochthonous Subalpine UMM of the Swiss Molasse Basin (Canton Fribourg, Western Switzerland). De Kaenel, E. & Mojon, P.-O.

98-104 Molecular phylogenetic affinity of Hayaster cf. perplexus based on 18S rDNA sequences. Hagino, K., Young, J. R. & Morono, Y.

106-109 A new Markalius species from the Cretaceous/Paleogene boundary of the Neuquén Basin (Argentina). Guerra, R. M. & Concheyro, A.

110-157 Danian calcareous nannofossil evolution and taxonomy with focus on sites from the North Atlantic Ocean (IODP Expedition 342, Sites U1403 and U1407). Bown, P.R., Kim, H. & Gibbs, S.J.
Supplementary material - data appendices


JNR 41-1, April 2023

1-12 New calcareous nannofossils from the Middle to Late Miocene of the North Croatian Basin, Central Paratethys. Ćorić, S., Galovic, I., Matošević, M.

13-14 Taxonomic note – The status of Sphenolithus strigosus Bown & Dunkley Jones, 2006. Howe, R.

15-25 Some proposed changes to the systematics of Cenozoic and Mesozoic nannoplankton. Young, J. R.

27-32 Triquetrorhabdulus nanhaiensis, a new early Middle Miocene nannolith species from the South China Sea. Jiang, S. & Wang, Y.

33-39 A new centrifugation/filtration technique to improve the observation of calcareous nannofossils under the scanning electron microscope. Lancis, C., Tent-Manclús, J. E., Flores, J-A.

41-54 Morphometric study and statistical analysis of gephyrocapsids in surface sediments from offshore western Luzon and semi-enclosed bays in the Philippines. Rosario, D. J. G., Geronia, M. C. M., Peleo-Alampay, A. M., Fernando, A. G. S.

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JNR 40-special, September 2022

INA18, Avignon, France - Abstracts Volume

Edited by Jackie A. Lees in collaboration with Luc Beaufort, Clara Bolton and Baptiste Suchéras-Marx


JNR 39-1, August 2021

1-2 Taxonomic note – New Cretaceous nannofossil taxa from the onshore Cauvery Basin, south-eastern India. S. Kanungo, P.R. Bown, A. Gale

3-13 Two new species of Hornibrookina Edwards, 1973 from the Austral Basin, Patagonia: Biostratigraphical and palaeoecological implications. P. Pérez Panera, D.I. Ronchi

15-28 Miocene to Recent calcareous nannofossil biostratigraphy in the eastern Bengal Fan (Indian Ocean): Linking turbidites to tectonic activity during the evolution of the Himalayas. J.W. Cruz, S.W. Wise Jr., W.C. Parker

29-75 Ultrastructure and taxonomy of the family Sphenolithaceae. R. Howe

77-87 Eoconusphaera hallstattensis sp. nov. and a review of the Rhaetian genus Eoconusphaera. I. Demangel, R. Howe, S. Gardin, S. Richoz


JNR 38-1, October 2020

1-6 Syracosphaera azureaplaneta sp. nov. and revision of Syracosphaera corolla Lecal, 1966. Young, J.R., Bown, P.R., Cros, L., Hagino K. & Jordan, R. W. (first published online, 2018)

7-16 Calcareous nannofossil biostratigraphy of the Upper Cretaceous–Lower Paleocene sequence of the Deramazan section, Sulaimani area, Kurdistan region of NE Iraq. Kharajiany, S. O. A., Al-Qayim, B. A. & Wise, S. W.

17-26 Rediscovery of Helicosphaera minima in Oligocene deposits from the Albanian–Thessalian Basin (Albania). Kallanxhi, M-E. & Young, J. R.

27-39 Extant Ceratolithus cristatus life-cycle observations and taxonomic simplification. Archontikis, O. & Young, J. R.

41-47 Verification of the life-cycle of Helicosphaera pavimentum, and discussion of the identity of Syracolithus dalmaticus. Young, J. R., Arapov, J., Skejic, S., Bakrac, A., Buzancic, M. & Triantaphyllou, M.

49-55 Pliocene four-rayed discoasters from IODP Expedition 363 sites in the eastern Indian Ocean and western Pacific Ocean. Fernando, A. G. S. et al.
Supplementary data: MS Excel file

57-79 Middle Eocene to Early Oligocene calcareous nannofossils from the Nanggulan Formation, Java, Indonesia. Jones, A. P. & Dunkley Jones, T.

81-82 Taxonomic note – New Upper Cretaceous nannofossil taxa from the Turonian of New Mexico, USA. Lees, J. A. & Schueth, J.


JNR 38-special, September 2019

INA17, Santos, Brazil - Abstracts Volume

Edited by Laurel M. Bybell (USGS) in collaboration with Felipe Toledo and Giuliana Villa

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JNR Special issue 4, April 2019
Coastal coccolithophores - editor Ric Jordan

1-2 Preface. R.W. Jordan

1-15 Seasonal succession of living coccolithophores in the coastal waters of Port Tomari, Tottori, Japan. K. Hagino-Tomioka, N. Tomioka & N. Tomioka

17-31 Coccolithophorid assemblages off the coast of Guam. S. Konno, C.S. Lobban, M. Ishizawa & R.W. Jordan

33-38 Coccolithophorids from the Marquesas Islands and atolls in the Tuamotu and Society Archipelagos (South Pacific Ocean). R.W. Jordan & C. Riaux-Gobin

39-54 Distribution of NE Gulf of Mexico nannoplankton assemblages following the Macondo Well blowout: August–November 2011–2013. J. Cruz, S.W. Wise, Jr, W. Parker & J.R. Young

55 Using mussels to study coastal calcareous nannoplankton associations: Case study from the west coast of Portugal. G.A. Prista & M.A. Cachão

63-72 Coccolith assemblages from holothurian gastrointestinal tracts. H. Tsutsui, F. Lozar, C. Riaux-Gobin, G. Iwankow & R.W. Jordan

73-80 The fossil record of coastal coccolithophores. P.R. Bown & J.R. Young

81-88 Calcareous nannofossils from a Late Cretaceous nearshore setting. T. Püttmann & J. Mutterlose


JNR 37-2-3, December 2017

77-112 Oligocene-Pliocene taxonomy and stratigraphy of the genus Sphenolithus in the circum North Atlantic Basin: Gulf of Mexico and ODP Leg 154. J A Bergen, E de Kaenel, S A Blair, T M Boesiger & E Browning

113-144 Upper Miocene-Lower Pliocene taxonomy and stratigraphy in the circum North Atlantic Basin: radiation and extinction of Amauroliths, Ceratoliths and the D. quinqueramus lineage. S A Blair, J A Bergen, E de Kaenel, E Browning & T M Boesiger

145-175 Oligocene to Pleistocene taxonomy and stratigraphy of the genus Helicosphaera and other placolith taxa in the circum North Atlantic Basin. T M Boesiger, E de Kaenel, J A Bergen, E Browning & S A Blair

177-188 Biostratigraphic and morphometric analyses of specimens from the calcareous nannofossil genus Tribrachiatus. J Self-Trail, E L Seefelt, C L Shepherd & V A Martin

189-214 Late Miocene to Late Pliocene taxonomy and stratigraphy of the genus Discoaster in the circum North Atlantic Basin: Gulf of Mexico and ODP Leg 154. E Browning, J A Bergen, S A Blair, T M Boesiger & E de Kaenel

215-244 Uppermost Oligocene to Middle Miocene Discoaster and Catinaster taxonomy and stratigraphy in the circum North Atlantic Basin: Gulf of Mexico and ODP Leg 154. E de Kaenel, J A Bergen, E Browning, S A Blair & T M Boesiger

245-251 Evaluation of the biostratigraphy of the Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary interval in the Hendijan oil field, Zagros (SW Iran). S Senemari & M N Moghaddam

Introduction to the set of five papers on Neogene nannofossils by Jim Bergen, Emily Browning, Stacie Blair, Eric de Kaenel and Todd Boseiger.


JNR 37-special, September 2017

INA16, Athens, Greece - Abstracts Volume

Edited by Laurel M. Bybell (USGS) in collaboration with Maria Triantaphyllou (U. Athens)

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JNR 37-1, April 2017

1-14 Diversity of calcareous dinoflagellate cysts in surface sediments of Gullmar Fjord, Sweden – an unrecognized gene pool of the Thoracosphaeraceae (peridineaen dinoflagellates) M Streng & K J S Meier

15-24 New Aptian calcareous nannofossil species from Brazil. C F Alves, F H d O Lima & S Shimabukoro

25-60 Calcareous nannofossils from the Eocene North Atlantic Ocean (IODP Expedition 342 Sites U1403–1411). P R Bown & C Newsam
Supplementary material: figure 2 - full size

61-66 Acadialithus, a new nannofossil genus from offshore Eastern Newfoundland, Canada. R W Howe

67-76 A new species of the genus Chiphragmalithus from the Ypresian stage (early Eocene) in the northern part of the Caspian Depression (Russia). V A Musatov

Cover material


JNR 36-2, November 2016
INA15, Bohol, The Phillippines - Proceedings Volume

137-138 INA in the Phillippines a thank you letter from the INA 15 committee 

97-119 Baltic Sea coccolithophores – an overview of insights into their taxonomy and ecology from the last 40 years. H A Thomsen

121-132 A Cenozoic calcareous nannofossil biozonation from low and middle latitudes: A synthesis. I Raffi, C Agnini, J Backman, R Catanzariti & H Pälike

133-136 Xenospheres and anomalous coccospheres from plankton samples of the Southern Indian Ocean S M Patil, R Mohan, S A Jafar & S Gazi

139-147 A semi-automatic two-dimensional image system for studying the skeletal design of the silicoflagellate genus Corbisema (Dictyochales, Dictyochophyceae). H Tsutsui & R W Jordan.
Supplementary data: tables

151-160 Neogene calcareous nannofossils from the Nam Con Son Basin, offshore Vietnam. N T Tham & N V Su

161-171 Late Holocene paleoceanographic changes off south-western Africa as inferred from coccolithophore assemblages. J Weiser, K-H Baumann, A Hahn & M Zabel
Supplementary data: figure 2 - full size

JNR 36-1, March 2016

1-32 Paleocene calcareous nannofossils from Tanzania (TDP Sites 19, 27 and 38) P.R. Bown

33-59 Eocene nannofossil biostratigraphy of the mid-Waipara River section, Canterbury Basin, New Zealand C.L. Shepherd, D.K. Kulhanek

61-63 A new early Miocene Sphenolithus species from South China Sea S. Jiang, Y. Wang, O. Varol, R.O.B.P. Da Gama, T. Blaj

65-75 Quantification of a pretreatment procedure for organic-rich calcareous nannofossil samples J.L. Shamrock, J.M. Self-Trail

77-82 A new calcareous nannofossil species of the genus Helicolithus from the Santonian and its biostratigraphic significance in the Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway Z.A. Kita, D.K. Watkins, J.A. Bergen

83-95 New and intriguing calcareous nannofossils from the Turonian (Upper Cretaceous) of Tanzania J.A. Lees, P.R. Bown

JNR 35-2, December 2015

INA14, Reston, Virginia - Proceedings Volume

Edited by Jean Self-Trial (USGS)

101-101 An improved sample preparation technique for calcareous nannofossils in organic-rich mudstones J.L. Shamrock, E.J. Muñoz, & J.H. Carter

111-128 Silicoflagellates and ebridians from the Seto Inland Sea and Kuroshio, including the description of Octactis pulchra var. takahashii var. nov. K. Abe, K. McCartney, Y. Fukunaga, H. Narita, R.W. Jordan

129-140 Global decline in the calcareous nannofossil productivity indicator Biscutum in the Cretaceous B. Brace, & D.K. Watkins

141-155 Nannoplankton taxonomy and the International Code of Nomenclature for algae, fungi, and plants (ICN) R.W. Jordan

155-176 Paleocene calcareous nannofossils from East Coast, New Zealand: biostratigraphy and palaeoecology D.K. Kulhanek, E.M. Crouch, M.J.S. Tayler, C.J. Hollis

177-184 Morphological variation of pike structures in Corbisema (Silicoflagellata) from the Early and Middle Eocene K. McCartney, K. Abe, R.W. Jordan, J. Witkowski

JNR 35-special, March 2015

INA15, Bohol, the Philippines - Abstracts Volume

Edited by Laurel M. Bybell (USGS) in collaboration with Allan Fernando (NIGS, The Philippines)

JNR 34-special, Coccolithophores 2014 workshop volume - edited by Jeremy R. Young & Liam T. Gallagher

Part A - Short publications on extant coccolithopores and fossil coccospheres

5-21 Searching for cells: the potential of fossil coccospheres in coccolithophore research Bown, P.R., Gibbs, S.J., Sheward, R., O'Dea, S. & Higgins, D.

23-25 Anthosphaera origami sp. nov., a planktonic coccolithophore with characteristic paper-boat-shaped structures Cros, L. & McGrane, P.B.

27-29 First observation of Navilithus altivelum in the Gulf of Mexico. Cruz, J., Wise, S.W. & Young, J.R.

31-35 A mixed life-cycle stage bloom of Syracosphaera bannockii (Borsetti and Cati, 1976) Cros et al. 2000 (Bay of Biscay April 2010) Daniels, C.J., Tyrrell, T., Poulton, A.J. & Young, J.R.

37-43 New evidence for the ecology of Helicosphaera carteri in polluted coastal environments (Elefsis Bay, Saronikos Gulf, Greece) Dimiza, M.D., Triantaphyllou, M.V. & Malinverno, E.

45-46 Verification of the Coronosphaera mediterranea - "Zygosphaera hellenica" life-cycle association Karatsolis, B., Dimiza, M.D. & Triantaphyllou, M.V.

47-48 Observation of an exothecal coccolith associated with Syracosphaera halldalii: evidence for dithecatism? McGrane, P.B.

49-56 Observations on the life cycle and ecology of Acanthoica quattrospina Lohmann from a Mediterranean estuary Šupraha, L., Ljubešić, Z., Mihanović, H. & Henderiks, J.

57-59 Adding proofs to Syracosphaera histrica-Calyptrolithophora papillifera life-cycle association Triantaphyllou, M.V., Dimiza, M.D. & Karatsolis, B.

61-68 Gladiolithus adeyi sp. nov.: a new deep photic coccolithophore species and new molecular genetic and crystallographic observations on Gladiolithus flabellatus. Young, J.R., Hagino, K. & Poulton, A.

Part B Abstracts of presentations given at the workshop

JNR 33-1, August 2014

3-12 New Late Oligocene to Miocene Species. da Gama, R.O. B. P. & Varol, O. [first published, online June 2013]

13-60 Micropalaeontology in archaeology: reconstruction of provenance of a prehistoric artefact through microfossil and lithological analysis Persico, D. & Cogliati, C.

19-23 Two unusual silicoflagellate double skeletons McCartney, K., Malinverno, E., Schweizer, M., Witkowski, J. & Young, J.R.

23-28 A new perspective of the central structure and the alignment of neogene discoasters da Gama, R.O.B.P. & Varol, O.

29-37 A note on calcareous nannoplankton from the Kieler Förde (Baltic Sea) Meier, K.J.S., Kinkel, H. & Young, J.R.

39-46 Some emendments to calcareous nannoplankton taxonomy Young, J.R. & Bown, P.R.

48 Taxonomic note: Watznaueria okadai, a newspecies of calcareous nannofossil from the Vocontian Basin, southeastern France Fernando, A.G.S.

49-57 Catinaster virginianus sp. nov.: A new species of Catinaster from the middle Miocene Mid-Atlantic Coastal Plain Self-Trail, J.

JNR 33-special, September 2013

INA14, Reston, USA - Abstracts Volume

Edited by Laurel M. Bybell (USGS)

JNR 32-2, May 2012

3 Calcareous nannofossils from the Paleogene equatorial Pacific (lOOP Expedition 320 Sites U1331-1334) P. R. Bown, T. Dunkley Jones

53 Two new Cretaceous calcareous nannofossils from SE Spain and Tunisia R. Aguado

59 Middle Miocene Carbonate Crash in the Niger Delta: Evidence from Calcareous Nannofossils L. S. Fadiya, M. B. Salami

71 A transitional Emiliania huxleyi morphotype J. Henderiks, A. Winter

75 Two new heterococcoliths from the Albian Cenomanian, Austral Basin, Patagonia, Argentina J. P. Perez Panera

79 The Farinacci Catalogue of Calcareous Nannofossils - CD-ROM version

JNR 32-1, June 2011

1 Paleogene Calcareous Nannofossils of the South Dover Bridge core, Southern Maryland (USA) J. M. Self-Trail

29 The morphological response of Emiliania huxleyi to seawater carbonate chemistry changes: an inter-strain comparison G. Langer, I. Probert, G. Nehrke, P. Ziveri

37 Unusual examples of the silicoflagellate Lyramula simplex from the Campanian of northwestern Canadian Arctic K. McCartney, D. M. Harwood, J. Witkowski

JNR 31-2, September 2010

58 A guide to extant coccolithophores (Calcihaptophycidae, Haptophyta) using light microscopy M. Frada, J. Young, M. Cachao, S. Lino, A. Martins, A. Narciso, I. Probert, C. de Vargas

114 Possible affinities between the holococcolithophores Syracosphaera pulchra HOL oblonga-type and Calyptrolithophora papillifera M.V. Triantaphyllou

122 Taxonomic note- Pearsonia ecclesiata Lees, 2007 J.A. Lees

123 Web-chat compiled by J.A. Lees

JNR 31-1, June 2010

1 A new Oligocene Triquetrorhabdulus species, T. longus sp. nov. T. Blaj, J. Young

5 A new calcareous nannofossil species of the genus Sphenolithus from the Middle Eocene (Lutetian) and its biostratigraphic significance J.L. Shamrock

11 Calcareous nannofossils from the Paleocene/ Eocene Thermal Maximum interval of southern Tanzania (TOP Site 14) P.R .Bown

39 Calcareous nannofossils from the boreal Upper Campanian-Maastrichtian chalk of Denmark N. Thibault

JNR 30-2, February 2009

77 Effect of elevated nitrate concentration on calcification in Emiliania huxleyi G. Langer, I. Benner

83 Coccolithophore flux in a sediment trap off Cape Blanc (NW Africa) M.I. Kobrich, K.-H. Baumann

97 Taxonomic note: Sphenolithus pseudoheteromorphus, a new Miocene calcareous nannofossil species from the equatorial Indian Ocean E. Fornaciari, C. Agnini

JNR 30-special, September 2008

INA12, Lyon, France - Abstracts Volume

Edited by Jackie Lees

JNR 30-1, July 2008

1 New possible hetero-/holococcolithophore combinations within the genus Syracosphaera E. Malinverno, M.V. Triantaphyllou, M. Dimiza, J.R. Young

9 Spatial distribution of living coccolithophores along an eastwest transect in the subtropical South Atlantic K.-H. Baumann, B. Boeckel, M. Cepek

23 A new Eocene Chiasmolithus species: hypothetical reconstruction of its phyletic lineage D. Persico, G. Villa

35 Scyphosphaera porosa Kamptner, 1967 rediscovered in the plankton J.R. Young

39 Upper Campanian-Maastrichtian calcareous nannofossil biostratigraphy of the Stevns-1 borehole, Denmark E. Sheldon

51 Three new species of calcareous nannofossil from Late Palaeocene and Early Eocene assemblages (Ocean Drilling Program Site 1262, Walvis Ridge, SE Atlantic Ocean) C. Agnini, E. Fornaciari, I. Raffi

57 Web-chat compiled by J.A. Lees

JNR 29-2, November 2007

78 Living Braarudosphaera bigelowii (Gran & Braarud) Deflandre in the Bering Sea S. Konno, N. Harada, H. Narita, R.W. Jordan

88 Taxonomic note: A new Coccolithus species that thrived during the Paleocene/Eocene Thermal Maximum S. Jiang, S. W. Wise, Jr.

92 Smear and spray preparation techniques put to the test (II): Reproducibility and accuracy of calcareous nannofossil assemblage counts T. Blaj, J. Henderiks

102 Surface sediment distribution of Florisphaera profunda in the South China Sea: an effect of dissolution? A.G.S. Fernando, A.M.Peleo-Alampay, E.S. Lucero, M.G. Wiesner

108 Six new taxa of subarctic Parmales (Chrysophyceae) S. Konno, R. Ohira, C. Komuro, N. Harada, R.W. Jordan

130 Quantitative analysis of the calcareous nannofossil assemblages from CIROS-1, Victoria Land Basin, Antarctica D.K.Watkins

138 Web-chat compiled by J.A. Lees

JNR 29-1, March 2007

1 New calcareous nannofossil species from the Cretaceous Budden Canyon Formation, Great Valley Sequence, northern California (USA) A.G.S. Fernando, H. Okada

5 Late Miocene dinoflagellate cysts and calcareous nannoplankton from the eastern North Sea Basin margin: biostratigraphy and palaeoenvironmental interpretation (Breklum research borehole, Germany) A. Kothe, H. Andruleit

19 Analysis of crystallographic directions in Florisphaera profunda, Braarudosphaera bigelowii and Neogene discoasters: preliminary report on nannolith crystallography K. Kameo, N. Furukawa

25 Umbilicosphaera jordanii Bown, 2005 from the Paleogene of Tanzania: confirmation of generic assignment and a Paleocene origination for the Family Calcidiscaceae P.R. Bown, T. Dunkley Jones, J.R. Young

31 Palaeoecological trends in Turonian-Coniacian (Late Cretaceous) calcareous nannofossils from Chalk Group sections, SE England J. Wyton, P.R. Bown, H. Bailey

39 New and rarely reported calcareous nannofossils from the Late Cretaceous of coastal Tanzania: outcrop samples and Tanzania Drilling Project Sites 5, 9 and 15 J.A. Lees

67 A simple weighing and dilution technique for determining absolute abundances of coccoiths from sediment samples. C. Koch, J. R. Young

JNR 28-2, Sept 2006

71 The effects of the Chesapeake Bay impact on calcareous nannofossil assemblages: patterns from the Watkins School core, Newport News, Virginia (USA) J. Shelton, R. Lockwood, L.M. Bybell

81 Taxonomic note: Discoaster stellulus Gartner, 1967, emended S. Jiang, S.W. Wise, Jr.

85 Use of a microdrill for high stratigraphical resolution calcareous nannofossil analysis, and a modified filtration method A.G.S. Fernando, H. Okada, H. Nishi, R. Takashima

89 A review of the calcareous nannofossil biostratigraphy of the Al Athrun and Apollonia Formations, Cyrenaica, NE Libya A.A. El Mehaghag, A.D. El Mehdawi

95 Lagoon coccolithophorids from the Republic of Palau, NW Equatorial Pacific S. Konno, R.W. Jordan

111 Taxonomic note: New calcareous nannofossil taxa from Shatsky Rise (ODP Leg 198, NW Pacific Ocean) P.R. Bown, J.A. Lees

114 Web-chat compiled by J.A. Lees

JNR 28-1, Feb 2006

1 Stereo-microscopy of coccolithophores - modern applications for imaging and morphological analysis H. Andruleit, M. Geisen, S. Staeger

17 New Palaeogene calcareous nannofossil taxa from coastal Tanzania: Tanzania Drilling Project Sites 11 to 14 P.R. Bown, T. Dunkley Jones

35 Didemnid ascidian spicules from the Arabian Peninsula O. Varol

57 Errata

59 Web-chat compiled by J.A. Lees

63 Bibliography and taxa of calcareous nannoplankton - 40 M. Cachao, H. Andruleit, K.-H. Baumann, R. Jordan

JNR 27-2, Sept 2005

135 Sphaerocalyptra dermitzakii and Sphaerocalyptra youngii, two new holococcolithophore species from the Aegean Sea (eastern Mediterranean) M.D. Dimiza, M.V. Triantaphyllou, S. Theodoridis

141 Impact of a Coccolithus braarudii bloom on the carbonate system of Portuguese coastal waters L. Cabecadas, A.P. Oliveira

149 Rapid dissolution of calcareous nannofossils: a case study from freshly cored sediments of the south-eastern Atlantic Coastal Plain J.M. Self-Trail, E.L. Seefelt

159 Calcareous nannoplankton as a tracer of the marine influence on the NW coast of Portugal over the last 14 000 years C. Guerreiro, M. Cachao, T. Drago

173 Book review - Microfossils (2nd Edition) H.A. Armstrong & M.D. Brasier (2004) J.R. Young

177 Web-chat compiled by J.A. Lees

JNR 27-1, Feb 2005

1 Living coccolithophores recorded during the onset of upwelling conditions off Oman in the western Arabian Sea H. Andruleit, U. Rogalla, S. Staeger

15 Calcareous nannofossil biostratigraphy of the Al Bayda Formation, Al Jabal Al Akhdar, NE Libya: a short note A.A. El Mehaghag, K.A. Ashahomi

21 Palaeogene calcareous nannofossils from the Kilwa and Lindi areas of coastal Tanzania (Tanzania Drilling Project 2003-4) P.R. Bown

97 Errata

107 Web-chat compiled by J.A. Lees

118 Bibliography and taxa of calcareous nannoplankton - 39 M. Cachao, H. Andruleit, K.-H. Baumann, R. Jordan, A. Parente

JNR 26-2, Aug 2004

INA 10, Lisbon, Conference Abstracts

JNR 26-1, July 2004

1 Coccolith size increase of Calcidiscus leptoporus offshore Morocco during the Last Glacial maximum: an expression of enhanced glacial productivity? J. Henderiks, S. Renaud

13 Long-term evolution of calcareous dinoflagellate associations since the Late Cretaceous: comparison of a high- and low-latitude core from the Indian Ocean M. Streng, T. Hildebrand-Habel, H. Willems

47 Calcareous nannofossils and sequence stratigraphy of the Cretaceous/Tertiary transition in Bulgaria K. Stoykova, M. Ivanov

63 Calcareous nannofossils from the Abtalkh Formation (Campanian-Maastrichtian), Kopet-Dagh range, NE Iran F. Hadavi

69 Web-chat compiled by J.A Lees

87 Bibliography and taxa of calcareous nannoplankton - 38 M. Cachao, H. Andruleit, K.-H. Baumann, R. Jordan, A. Parente

JNR Special issue, 2003

A guide to extant coccolithophore taxonomy Jeremy Young, Markus Geisen, Lluisa Cros, Annelies Kleijne, Claudia Sprengel, Ian Probert & Jette Ostergaard

JNR Articles from 1994 to 2003 (Editors Jackie Lees, Jeremy Young)

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Research Articles from the INA Newsletter - 1979 to 1993, vols 1 to 15 (editors Shirley van Heck, Jeremy Young)

The INA Newsletter is also available for download, as PDF copies of individual issues, with news items, biliographies etc. as well as the research articles and taxonomic notes including volumes 1 to 15 (1979 to 1993).